July 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - BassXL Box

July BassXL


Biwaa www.biwaa.com - S’Trout 5.5”
Price: $25.99 
TIP: This amazing multi-segmented swimbait is constructed from solid plastics and jointed with a Mesh Woven Fabric that is rated to withstand 40 pounds of break strength. Throw the S’Trout on a 7’3-7’6 medium-heavy rod with a fast-action tip on 14-17 pound mono or fluorocarbon. Vary your retrieve until you find out what the fish like. Try a steady retrieve or mix up pauses and pops with your rod tip to give it action. Perfect for late summer and fall when bass start to move into coves to feed.
Reaction Strike www.reactionstrike.com - Thin Shad 4” Silver Shiner
Price: $5.79
TIP: The Thin Shad, from Reaction Strike is uniquely realistic and ideal for catching pressured bass. Perfect for fishing on a drop shot or a finesse jighead, especially in clear water when the bite is tough. Ideally, rig the Thin Shad on a 6’9 to 7’2 spinning rod with medium-light action on 6-8 pound test. Work slowly in deeper water using your boat electronics or cast out and move along the bottom very slowly if you’re fishing from the bank.
Mizmo www.mizmo.com - Hoax Worm 10ct.  
Price: $3.75
TIP: The Mizmo Hoax Worm is a 6-inch straight tail that can be fished in a huge variety of ways. Whether Texas-rigged, wacky, Carolina or even weightless, the Hoax Worm offers a ton of versatility AND a ton of fish catching action! Perfect for late summer weedless pitching around thick vegetation or around docks and structure. For a little more action, try rigging wacky style and let the bait sink slowly until it gets to the bottom and then give it small hops, working it slowly back to you.
Luck E Strike www.luck-e-strike.us - Assorted Soft Plastics
Price: $4.99
Mustad www.mustad-fishing.com - Octopus Drop Shot Hook
Price: $1.50
Storm www.stormlures.com - Arashi
Price: $8.99
TIP: The Storm Arashi is one of the hottest square bill crankbaits on the market! Built with a uniquely designed circuit board lip that has a built-in self-tuning line tie. Throw the Arashi on a 7’0 – 7’4 baitcasting rod with 10-14 flurocarbon or monofilament line, the lighter the line the deeper it will dive. Make sure to get the square bill down to the bottom and bump it into stumps, man-made structure or into rocks.
LIVETARGET www.livetargetlures.com - Frog Poppers
Price: $13.49
TIP: The Live Target Frog Popper is uniquely designed to perfectly mimic the sound of a frog slowly moving along the surface of the water. Use a 7’0’ to 7’3 medium-heavy rod with a fast action tip, with 14-17 pound monofilament or 50 pound braided line. Fish it through open runs, around heavy cover or near the slop. Designed to spit and pop along the surface, creating a soft and subtle splash by twitching the lure gently. Make sure to pause before setting the hook, allowing the fish to bring it under the water.


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