July 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Trout Box


Lunkerhunt www.lunkerhunt.com - Fillet
Price: $7.99 - Bang it, burn it, or bounce it, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait delivers a look, sound, and action that grabs bass’ attention in a wide-range of scenarios. Designed with a precisely-tuned, nose down attitude, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait maintains a natural foraging position, which is especially appetizing when it’s paused or hopped along the bottom.
Sierra Slammers www.sierraslammers.com Trout Jig 10ct.
Price: $3.99 - Arguably the favorite tactic of the Sierra Slammers crew is fishing trout jigs. This style of bait not
only catches a ton of fish but also seems to catch a disproportionate number of trophy trout as well.
Northland www.northlandtackle.com - Impulse Bro’s Bloodworm
Price: $3.29 - The BRO’S BLOODWORM™ is perch and panfish’s favorite forage! Features a “soft & chewy” segmented worm body that undulates and swims like a live bloodworm. Panfish beware – there is going to be a blood bath!
Pautzke www.pautzke.com - Fire Bait
Price: $2.99 - Trout find it hard to resist krill, and this innovative floating bait is supercharged with the leading krill scent in the industry.
Mustad www.mustad-fishing.com - Octopus Hook Black Nickel
Price: $2.09 - Mustad® Octopus Hook - features include forged, 1X strong wire, reversed offset point, and a tapered, up-eye. 
Ready 2 Fish www.ready2fishdevelopment.com - Assorted Inline Spinner
Price: $1.99 - Ready2Fish®, the original and complete combo fishing system, was created over 20 years ago to help make fishing affordable, fun and easy for families and weekend anglers. No matter what type of fishing, location or specie you’re after, R2F® has the solution.


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