November 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Bass Box

Bagley Bait Co. - B-Minus Lipless Crank | $5.99

Delivering a slow-sinking action, the Bagley Rattlin’ B Minus Lipless Crankbait is perfectly suited for moving over the tops of grass, submerged vegetation, and shallow flats.

LTB Exclusive - This bait was only available to Lucky Tackle Box members in the November box until it's release in 2017.


Outkast Fishing Tackle - 401Kraw Jig Head | $6.49

With this unique wobble head design, your bait also has the freedom to move and have more action than a standard fixed hook jig.  Also equipped with a chip-line to reduce the loss of paint at the nose of the wobble head, the Outkast Troy Morrow 401Kraw Wobble Head gives your bait a more realistic crawfish profile and even deadlier action that bass can’t resist.


Cabin Creek Baits - Jr Express Craw | $4.49

Features large, tapered claws that come to life on a jig and Texas-rig. Offered in a number of proven bass colors, the Cabin Creek Express Craw ensures that you’re on the fast track to success on the water. 


Castaic Baits - BD Swimbait | $8.99

Molded with a hollow body, the Castaic Boyd Duckett Swimbaits feature a hard-pounding paddle tail that moves the whole body, creating a subtle, yet enticing belly roll.  


Mustad Hooks - KVD Classic Round Bend Treble Hook | $3.99



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