• October 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Trout Box

    Dr. Juice www.drjuiceusa.com

    Trout Scent| Price: $7.99


    Whip R Lures  www.stopperlures.com

    Mayfly Larva 3ct. | Price: $3.29


    Stillhouse   www.notheadtackle.com

    1/32oz. Hair Jig 2ct. | Price: $3.25


    Dockside Tackle  www.matrixshad.com

    Golden Eye Mini Jig 4ct. | Price: $3.10


    Stopper Lures www.stopperlures.com 

    Worm Rival 2.5” | Price: $1.89


    Mustad   www.mustad-fishing.com

    Diamond Eye Swivel with Snap | Price: $1.99


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