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September Lucky Tackle Box - Trout Box


September Trout Lucky Tackle Box

Vicious Fishing http://www.getvicious.com/

VRC SERIES 90MM 3.5”| Price: $4.99 


Matrix Shad www.matrixshad.com 

Matrix Mini 15ct. | Price: $3.99


Impulse www.northlandtackle.com

Impulse Mayfly 8ct | Price: $2.99

Save $5 on this at Tackle Warehouse with code LTBSAVESQ1.


Zoom www.zoombait.com

2” Rigged Paddletail Grub | Price: $2.80 


Danielson www.danielsonoutdoors.com

Spoon Renegade | Price: $2.60


Mustad www.mustad-fishing.com

Beak Hook | Price: $2.19


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