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    What is Lucky Tackle Box?

    The Best Brands. The Best Baits. The Best Box.

    Lucky Tackle Box is the #1 monthly subscription box in fishing. For one low monthly fee, Lucky Tackle Box will ship a box jam-packed full of new lures and baits on the 10th of every month! Shipping is free everywhere in the United States, there are no contracts to sign and you can cancel at anytime. If you're looking to fish with the products that professional anglers use to catch big fish, then Lucky Tackle Box is the only monthly subscription box you'll ever want.

    The other subscription box companies will send overstock and discontinued baits. Lucky Tackle Box will 100% never do that.  We strive to give you the biggest bang for your buck every single month and we work hard to not send you sample packs. Sometimes it is inevitable due to inventory constraints with our suppliers but our goal whenever possible is to send you full packs of baits.


    How Much Does It Cost?

    Lucky Tackle Box comes in 3 sizes (Regular $14.99/mo., Large $19.99/mo. and XL $24.99/mo.  You can cancel any time, no questions asked. Most anglers like yourself, probably spend $25-$60 per month on fishing gear, so Lucky Tackle Box hooks you up with new quality lures and tackle at a fraction of the price.  Join Today!


    When Does My Box Ship?

    You’re the luckiest angler on the 10th of the month. That’s when your box ships from our fulfillment center and the fun begins! US customers should receive their order within 7 business days. Canadian customers, since boxes must go through Customs before crossing the border, please allow up to 2.5 weeks for delivery. Example: Sign up in the month of January and your 1st box will ship February 10th... and so on.

    Our cutoff date for making the current month's shipment is the last day of the previous month. For example, if you subscribe on March 31, your first box will be shipped on April 10th.  If you subscribed on April 1, then your first box will be shipped May 10.


    When Will I Be Billed Every Month?

    New subscribers: If you subscribed to a monthly plan after November 2016, then your subscription will be renewed on the 15th of every month.  For example: If you subscribed on November 2nd, your next charge will be on December 15th, followed by January 15th and so on...

    If you are subscribed to a monthly plan before November 2016, then your order will renew automatically every month on the same day you signed-up.  For example, if you subscribed to a monthly membership on Jan 10th, then your next charge will be Feb 10th; if you subscribed to a 3-month subscription on Jan 10th, your next charge will be April 10th at the end of your 3 month term and so on...


    All non-gift subscriptions will automatically-renew until you cancel.


    How Much Does Shipping Cost?

    Shipping is free in the United States!


    What happens if I move? Will my box be automatically forwarded to my new address if i changed it with the USPS?

    No! You must change your address with us in order to receive your box. If you do not change your address on file, the USPS will hold your box and charge you $5.00 to send the box to your new address.

    The USPS does not automatically forward all your mail for free. So make sure to change your address with us ASAP.


    What Will I Get When I Join?

    Each month you will receive a variety of quality fishing tackle. We have a team of industry experts, professional anglers & outdoor writers that recommend the products we’re putting into each box. Every box will contain approx. $25-$45 worth of products. And as a bonus, each box will contain $5 in gift cards so if we send you something that you really love, you can go buy it and save yourself some cash. Join Today!


    What Types Of Fishing Tackle Are In The Box?

    We have 8 different boxes to meet your needs.

    Our subscriptions are currently targeted towards Bass, Panfish, Trout, Walleye, Fly Fishing and Inshore Saltwater anglers. We also have a Multi-Species box and a seasonal Ice Fishing box for you hard-water anglers that is available from November-March.


    Can I switch my Lucky Tackle Boxes?

    You sure can! Just login to your account page (if you haven't linked your subscription with your account management page, click here to setup your account page.)

    If you've already setup your subscription and account management page, just login here and you'll be able to change your box.


    Why Should I Subscribe to Lucky Tackle Box?

    1. To become a better angler and catch more fish, you need the newest lures & the best baits! Lucky Tackle Box delivers you exactly that! Our team of industry experts & professional anglers hook you up with the best fishing tackle that you may not have found on your own and we show you the best way to use them. It’s called Lucky Tackle Box for a reason.

    2. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long and if you love fishing as much as we do… then who wouldn’t look forward to receiving a box full of the best new lures & baits every month! It’s like Christmas morning 12 times a year.

    3. Lucky Tackle Box gives you the most value! Go check out the other guys and see what’s in their boxes. Then come back to Lucky Tackle Box and give our subscription a try. We send all brand name baits and our boxes are consistently valued more than everyone else.

    4. Lucky Tackle Box has a 100% no-hassle cancellation policy that allows you to cancel your subscription at any time. So there’s no risk. Join Today!


    How do I know it's legit?

    Lucky Tackle Box has partnered with the most-respected brands in the business to make a subscription service like this possible. We brought together a team of industry experts & professional anglers to recommend the products we promote to make sure we are only delivering you the newest & best fishing tackle.

    Now we realize that some of you may have been “burned” by other clubs in the past. Rest assured, we are NOT one of those clubs. We have a 100% no hassle cancellation policy. We love fishing, just like you. We grew up fishing with our dads and now we fish with our kids. We’re passionate about this business and we do our best every single day to build the best company we can.


    How Do I Manage/Edit/Cancel My Account?

    Managing your account is super easy with our new account management page.

    If you haven't already, you will need to create an new login account (not a new subscription) and you'll be able to:

      • Switch your box
      • Edit your billing/shipping info
      • Upgrade to a different box
      • Stop your subscription 

    Setting up your new login is super easy and takes 30 seconds.
    Just follow this link, enter the email address that is associated with your account, create your new password and you're all set! CREATE YOUR LOGIN


    How Do I Feature My Products In A Lucky Tackle Box?

    If you have a fishing tackle company and would like information on how your products could be advertised to hundreds of thousands of anglers for less than you can anywhere else, just contact at