Odor Eliminator

$ 11.95

- AS SEEN ON TV. INHIBITS 99% OF ODOR-CAUSING BACTERIA AND FUNGI with a patented formula. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal additive helps prevent skin infections like MRSA, Staph, and E-coli.

-Dry pellet packets ABSORB MOISTURE using Silipab technology. Removes the moisture that allows bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow. Sweaty shoes, damp gym bags, and dank areas around the home dry out faster.

-More effective than sprays or powders. Neutralizes odors, DOES NOT MASK ODORS. Simply place unopened durable mesh bags in areas with unwanted odors. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. LASTS UP TO 60 DAYS.

-Eliminate your toughest odors AT HOME in shoes, boots, gloves, gym bags, cars, baby’s rooms, garbage areas, basements, bathrooms, and closets. FOR ATHLETES, use in skates, cleats, pads, helmets, gloves, sports bags, and lockers. Great for travel and luggage.