Written by Andrew Schadegg

Whether it’s catching 10 pounders at Clear Lake, diving the crystal clear water of Lake Havasu or filming TV shows with fishing legends, Jake DALLMYD Koehler is making his mark on social media…and the fishing industry.


That’s what Jake “DALLMYD” Koehler’s YouTube channel says in his ABOUT section, but as of today he has busted over the 1 million mark and over the last week has had one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube. He’s gone from 600,000 to over 1,000,000 subscribers in just 10 days!

When Jake first started his channel on February 4, 2011 it was solely focused on gaming videos like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. It grew quickly and got him up over 100,000 subscribers. That’s when he went from sitting behind his computer to filming outdoor videos at local rivers and ponds in his area.

Over the past year, his channel has become 100% focused on fishing, diving, surfing, or whatever other outdoor adventures he can get into. His recent diving videos have been incredibly successful, being viewed by nearly 10 million people. During these sessions, he straps his Go-Pro on and heads to the bottom of the local Chattahoochee River, looking for whatever he can find. Any trash, fishing line, or old lures get removed from the water and thrown out or (in the case of the lures) reused or given away. His weirdest finds, things like a pistol, knives, a handful of Go-Pros and cell phones, are typically YouTube hits and end up being some major “viral” videos. It wasn’t long before the fishing industry started to take notice.


Popular subscription box company, Lucky Tackle Box, reached out to Jake in late 2015 to partner up and be on their YouTube video team. Through his partnership with LTB over the last year, Jake has had the opportunity to fish with top pros like Scott Martin (appearing on the Scott Martin Challenge TV Show), Bassmaster Classic winner and Livingston Lures’ pro Randy Howell and top trophy bass fishermen Matt Allen and Tim Little.

Companies like Lucky Tackle Box were among the first to recognize the growing YouTube fishing community as an asset to their business and many other brands have quickly realized the exposure that can be garnered through the platform. In an industry that has traditionally been behind-the-times when it comes to the latest trends in social media and marketing innovation, it’s refreshing to see companies thinking outside the box.

Rick Patri, COO of Lucky Tackle Box, explains their partnership:

We’ve definitely seen a boast to sales and brand exposure through guys like Jake. He’s reaching a demographic that traditional marketing just isn’t able to hit. For a company like ours, that is targeting a lot of anglers outside of the fishing industry mainstream, it’s a perfect fit and it helps that he’s just a really nice guy with a great personality. No ego whatsoever. People are drawn to that.


With the million subscriber milestone under his belt, DALLMYD has blown past even the longest running fishing channels. His videos have been viewed over 55 million times and with exposure like that, it’s not likely his growth will slow down anytime soon.

Jake is pretty excited about his future:

I’m so stoked on what my channel has grown into. It’s given me the opportunity to travel all over the world and fish, meet some incredible people and work with amazing companies. 2017 is already shaping up to be even more amazing. I’ll be traveling all over the place and filming with Lucky Tackle Box and some of the other brands I work with. It’s shaping up to be an insanely awesome year. I am so blessed.

Check out Jake’s YouTube Channel HERE

Check out Lucky Tackle Box’s YouTube Channel HERE

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