Captain Chasten Whitfield (yes, she recently received her captain’s license!) is a member of Team Lucky. We are excited to share some of how this incredible teenager makes a difference in her community.
My name is Chasten Whitfield, I help disadvantaged kids forget their troubles for one day. I give them each an opportunity to fish. In their day to day life some of them fight for their lives, but on the day they are with me they only have to fight a fish. And the fish don’t care, it doesn’t matter if your tall, skinny, a girl or a boy fish don’t judge.

I met a 5 year old last year with spina bifida at a fish camp. We were fishing off a pier, he had never caught a fish before and was telling me he had never been on a boat before. I told him I was so sure that he would catch a fish off the pier that I would take him in my boat after he catches a fish. Well my little friend Easton caught 12 snapper off the pier that day and the next week I borrowed a friend of mines boat (so his wheelchair would fit) and I took him in the boat fishing. That day changed the rest of my life.

With my non-profit I hope to show: that all kids should get treated the same & each one gets an opportunity to do what makes them happy. I started working with Yellowfin boats who helped make a handicap accessible boat. This was the start of Chastenation, a nation of people who help me, help these kids.

Currently, at least 20 sick and disadvantaged kids have been out fishing, we raise money for different types of charities by fishing tournaments and giving the winnings back. We also travel to schools and talk to elementary and middle school kids about doing whats right and why we all have two hands, one to help yourself and one to help someone else. We use fishing to reach out to kids and get them to open up about daily troubles in their lives and social media.

That’s the impact I want to leave the world. I want people to remember me as Chasten Whitfield, someone who wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives.

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