Andrew Flair: “This month I “unboxed” my FIRST EVER BLACK Lucky Tackle Box! Lucky Tackle Box now offers 8 boxes and this month I tried out the BASS XL box. This month’s BASS XL Lucky Tackle Box was PACKED with even more fish-catching lures than the original bass box!

Why is Lucky Tackle Box the BEST box? Lucky Tackle Box not only sends you the best lures, but they also make YouTube videos about the products that come in each box! Why is this a good thing? When you receive your box each month you can go to their YouTube channel and learn how to use each lure that comes in your box! This way you are not stuck with lures you do not know how to use!!! Not only do they send you the BEST lures, they also TEACH you how to use them! That is why I chose Lucky Tackle Box.”


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