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$23.99 $31.99

Bass XL – Winter Sale

(47 customer reviews)

$23.99 / month$275.28 / 12 months

*All subscriptions automatically renew for the same length of your original subscription purchase. Cancel or pause anytime by contacting us at Cancellation requests must be received 24 hours prior to renewal date.

Popular Name Brand Lures Delivered to Your Door!

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On the lake video series

Every month we release 3 new videos to break down our themed box products & techniques. The “On the
Lake” video series covers every bait, terminal tackle, and accessory you’ll find in your subscription box, and our best tips on how to use them.

We also create 2 in-depth technique videos for each box that explain:

  • 1What To Use
  • 2When To Use
  • 3How To Rig It
  • 4Where To Throw It
The OG Jerkbait that is Very Underrated!
The OG Jerkbait that is Very Underrated!
The OG Jerkbait that is Very Underrated!

We don’t just mail you baits, lures, and tackle each month – we also teach ya how to use ‘em to catch more fish!

Here’s to your new personal best!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews.

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47 reviews for Bass XL – Winter Sale

  1. Amir Tal

    Patrick Nichols
    Holy Shit this is awesome! Received my first box today. I am so stoked on what I found inside. Best choice right here son. Narrowed it done to 2 companies. The vid with the owner talking and showing what to expect in the boxes, is what sold me on my choice. I can’t wait to get next month already. Freaking birthday gifts EVERY MONTH OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!! One pleased fat cat here. 😯 😁😁😁😁😁. 🐘ROLL TIDE!!!

  2. Amir Tal

    Carter Owen
    I am so excited to get my first box

  3. Amir Tal

    i purchased the 3 month subscription for my son and he LOVES it so much. every day
    he runs to check if it came. its great way to discover new baits

  4. Amir Tal

    Zach Hamz
    I’m only sharing this because it is relevant to why I love LTB. I’m a manager for a
    prestigious hospitality company in Orlando FL. I’ve been given a lifetime achievement
    award for service – again I only share because it’s releavant. I know good service and I
    teach good service at a prestigious company. These guys are great! Not only is this a
    tremendous product, but their customer service is great. They get back to you right
    away if you have questions. I didn’t even ask something about my products
    themselves, I asked a fishing question, and they still answered me right away! I’m very
    happy to subscribe to LTB. Thank you guys for making a great product and a great
    service experience.

  5. Amir Tal

    LTB is so amazing from the reps that help you in the chat with assistance (shout out Nick and Brian) to the weekly the people working behind the scenes.. this company is amazing! they do whatever it takes to make their client happy.. I would most definitely continue my subscription when it runs our for the level of service alone. *********************


  6. Amir Tal

    Just got my box in today and I am BLOWN AWAY! For $25 I just got almost $70 in baits PLUS a deal for a free bonus lure which turned out to be a Livetarget Baitball. You guys just earned a customer for a very long time. Can’t wait for my next box.

  7. Amir Tal

    I’ve had only two boxes so far and I am super excited to see what the future brings to my door. I’ve been on a quest to become a future Bassmaster and with LTB I feel like I’m one step closer each month!!!!

  8. Amir Tal

    Gage Jones
    If you need to chat with someone , chat with Brian hes the best ! fixed my issue in seconds

  9. Amir Tal

    Erik M
    Lucky Tackle Box simply beats the competition. They have the best baits and provide a variety of tried and true lures but also the latest technology. Boxes are consistent each month instead of a pot luck deal, so they also create plenty of content to show you the best way to use the products they include.

  10. Amir Tal

    My first box was the august box and I loved it, I wasn’t disappointed with my second box eitger

  11. Amir Tal

    Nichole Delio
    I love everything about Lucky Tackle Box. They have made a better fisherman and have given me so much confidence not to mention tools to go out there and catch the biggest fish! I just caught my PB of 7.11 lbs AND I am in the Big Bass World Championships because of Lucky Tackle Box. Thank you

  12. Amir Tal

    I have been getting the XL bass box for close to 2 years now and I have never been disappointed!!! I even caught my PB largemouth bass on one of the squarebill cranks and I even caught my first smallmouth bass on a topwater popper all from LTB. You won’t be disappointed!! GET LUCKY with LTB!!

  13. Amir Tal

    lucky tackle box is the best way for me to get baits that I could never get within 200 miles from me and I recommend this to everyone

  14. Amir Tal

    I started this box 24 hours ago. I have not received my box yet but I feel down under that I am going to love it. All my fishing pals use these baits and I can’t wait to hit the water with my hunny and try mine out.

  15. Amir Tal

    Chase kelly
    Lucky is always hooking me up with best baits. I would highly recommend get the bass xl box you wont regret it. Sign up for Lucky Tackle Box ASAP!!!!!

  16. Amir Tal

    If you don’t like this box then you don’t like fishing. Plain and simple. Lucky Tackle Box does it right.

  17. Amir Tal

    Josh jones
    Ordered all types of boxes like these ones and LTB is the best one I’ve come by so far. The August big bass box helped me land my PB. 7bl on the live target bait!!!

  18. Amir Tal

    These boxes are amazing

  19. Amir Tal

    Just got my box in today. LOVE it!!! Thank you LTB

  20. Amir Tal

    I got both boxes last month and my feedback is simple. MTB makes their own “Catch Co.” brand of baits and stuffs them into their own box. Lucky Tackle Box send you baits from well know brands. NOt stuff that they created on their own just to save a buck. I’m with LTB forever.

  21. Amir Tal

    Mitchell Harnstrom
    It is like a Christmas gift Every Month. It came with the new baits that I never even heard of. Also the shipping is fast coming in on the 10th.

  22. Amir Tal

    Brett Rentauk
    What a box I got this month! July’s theme was topwater and it’s probably the single greatest investment i’ve made in gear so far. There’s no mystery in this subscription 😉 I’ve tried other similar subscription boxes and this one beats them all to smitherines! If you’re still thinking about it, stop and just do it.

  23. Amir Tal

    Sup guys is there anyway I can get a free one it my first time

  24. Amir Tal

    Fun surprise every month that I always look forward too. Always high quality products inside and my kids love opening them up. Probably going to have to get them one too.

  25. Amir Tal

    I’m only 13 years old and I love this box very much but last months listing for lures is not correct the lures listed are not even close to the lures from last months box (also actual month) (price wise)

  26. Amir Tal

    Scotty scott
    Hey guys I really love your lucky tackle box stuff and I was wondering if you could send me one so I can do a box opening video for all the fisherman.

  27. Amir Tal

    Seriously underestimated this subscription box. Everything I got in my first month’s XL box was nothing but top notch lures. Definitely wish I would have looked into LTB earlier. I am fairly new to fishing, and I really like the literature and videos that show/explain how to fish and when to fish certain lures.

  28. Amir Tal

    I’ve been receiving Lucky Tackle Box since April. They have all been great but the July box was absolutely tremendous. I gave $22 for this box( I have a 1 year subscription) and received more then $63 worth of bait. Not just any baits, but excellent baits. My hats off to LTB, their the best!!! Hard for them to beat this box but I hope they try!

  29. Amir Tal

    I love LTB, I wish I would have jumped on way sooner. I get the Bass XL which I highly recommend. You will receive full packs of hooks and plastics. They include high end crankbaits, jerk baits, and spinner baits. Down to the point LTB is hands down the BEST monthly tackle subscription. Make sure to follow our Facebook page as we feature LTB baits.

  30. Amir Tal

    Trevor Lentini
    I just started bass fishing this year and with the help of LTB videos and LTB lures I have been able to catch lots of bass and I am thankful for that

  31. Amir Tal

    Scott Gasperino
    I can’t believe it took the this long to get a subscription. The value of what you pay compared to what you receive is unreal.

  32. Amir Tal

    It is really great to use

  33. Amir Tal

    Josh Lee
    LTB has been the best monthly sub. box ever. Ive had the XL box for a year now and have caught the more fish than I have ever before. Also I was able to fish with Travis and that dude knows his stuff. Great face for LTB and great products. Keep it up and I hope to be a member for life!!

  34. Amir Tal

    Got my first box this month and was blown away!!! Now I think I’m addicted and can’t wait until month. The wait is killing me lol

  35. Amir Tal

    It’s like Christmas every month. It’s saves you the hassle of having to go pick out baits at the store, when they send you the perfect baits for the season that month right to your door.
    Also, the box has a golden ticket inside that gives you a chance to win BIG prizes, trips, gear and blow up dolls.
    Don’t wait, hurry up and get what you’ve been missing.

  36. Amir Tal

    Donny Ellingsworth
    Got my first box. I went with the cheaper version of bass but now I upgraded to the XL because I was astonished at what I received. Bass Fishing here in Florida is truly amazing with all the canals and back ponds. I bought two baitcaster which I really don’t know how to use so I need someone to teach me because all I do is spool it. LOL But awesome Company and your vids are exceptional.

  37. Amir Tal

    good lures really like the swim baits in boxes tho still great stuff thanks LTB!!!

  38. Amir Tal

    Jose perez
    I’ve have seen unboxing videos but don’t have a credit card to get one box I will keep watching and give positive reviews in comments on YouTube

  39. Amir Tal

    Way better than lucky tackle box I would really good service

  40. Amir Tal

    Thomas R Baxleyy
    I was not happy the first time I ordered but after receiving my second box I am very pleased. I caught my first jerkbait fish off the Lunkerhunt kraken jerkbait and I really liked all the other lures this time keep the good work

  41. Amir Tal

    Very happy with my Lucky Tackle Box purchase. Highly recommend.

  42. Amir Tal


  43. Amir Tal

    Of all the fishing subscription boxes out there I just want to say that Lucky Tackle Box is the best!!! I’m never disappointed. Thank you LTB.

  44. Amir Tal

    Been subscribed to LTB for a long time and had their regular bass box. Was a bit unsure if they could really make it better but adding the extra items in the XL box made it well worth the extra spend.

  45. Amir Tal

    Jimmy A.
    Saw a Facebook ad a while back and was a bit skeptical of trying this out so I never tried it… my GF got it for me for Christmas and I’ve been kicking myself for not starting it earlier. The baits are great and the how to videos that come with it are even better.

  46. Amir Tal

    I love this box so much. I tried the Lucky Tackle Box’s competitors and immediately cancelled. They send overstock and crap I would not use. LTB is the best and always send really great brands. Thank you Lucky Tackle Box. You’re the best!

  47. Amir Tal

    Adam S
    Had the regular box for the longest time and finally switched over to the XL box and I’m so happy I did. Just ten bucks more and I get about $20 more in every box. No brainer!

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