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$23.94 $31.94

Multi-Species XL – Summer Sale

(7 customer reviews)

$23.94 / month$259.94 / 12 months

*All subscriptions automatically renew for the same length of your original subscription purchase. Cancel or pause anytime by contacting us at Cancellation requests must be received 24 hours prior to renewal date.

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On the lake video series

Every month we release 3 new videos to break down our themed box products & techniques. The “On the
Lake” video series covers every bait, terminal tackle, and accessory you’ll find in your subscription box, and our best tips on how to use them.

We also create 2 in-depth technique videos for each box that explain:

  • 1What To Use
  • 2When To Use
  • 3How To Rig It
  • 4Where To Throw It
The OG Jerkbait that is Very Underrated!
The OG Jerkbait that is Very Underrated!
The OG Jerkbait that is Very Underrated!

We don’t just mail you baits, lures, and tackle each month – we also teach ya how to use ‘em to catch more fish!

Here’s to your new personal best!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews.

  1. Brett Rentauk

    What a box I got this month! July's theme was topwater and it's probably the single greatest investment i've made in gear so far. There's no mystery in this subscription ;-) I've tried other similar subscription boxes and this one beats them all to smitherines! If you're still thinking about it, stop and just do it.
  2. Scott Gasperino

    I can't believe it took the this long to get a subscription. The value of what you pay compared to what you receive is unreal.
  3. Josh Lee

    LTB has been the best monthly sub. box ever. Ive had the XL box for a year now and have caught the more fish than I have ever before. Also I was able to fish with Travis and that dude knows his stuff. Great face for LTB and great products. Keep it up and I hope to be a member for life!!
  4. Sammy

    Got my first box this month and was blown away!!! Now I think I'm addicted and can't wait until month. The wait is killing me lol
  5. Brian Martin

    I ordered the Multi species subscription on December 31, 2017. My LTB has already shipped for January. I called LTB about the offer they had going. Not only did they listen to what I was asking but they agreed with me and did something about it while I was on the phone. The service was immediate and very satisfactory. I am very impressed thus far with this company and will continue to tout the good things about them. Thank you Rick! And Justin! Brian Martin, OK
  6. Jack Harris

    I bought the multispecies box unsure of what I would get. However, when it arrived I was more than happy. I got my money's worth plus some. Most baits that I got I would most likely skip over in a store. However, I am still very excited to give the new baits a try! Love this service and definitely will keep ordering!
  7. John Prine

    I bought the MultiSpecies box because I do a lot more than bass fishing. I fish for everything and you get a little bit of everything in this box. Usually you'll get a hard bait that can be used for bass and saltwater, some soft plastics for bass, soft plastics for crappie, a few trout lures, and 1 walleye lure. Even though there are no walleye where I live maybe one day I'll travel up north and get to use them. I've gotten the box for a few months now and I am 100% satisfied.

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