Fishing a Walking Bait

The DUO Realis Pencil 110 is probably the easiest "walk-the-dog" bait out there. Not only that, but the single knock has a tendency to attract much bigger fish. Watch Nick Smith describe how he fishes this excellent and effective walking bait.

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  • I love fishing when I can go and able to to work on my fishing stells on all labels from top water to a jeckbait and a tx reg. For tries of water

    Gary on
  • I have just received my 1st box and really just started Fishing the last 18 months and so looking forward to try these techniques and lures when we get out of winter here in Maryland. We have Stripped Bass/ Rockfish, white and yellow perch, crappie, croaker, flounder, Bass, Sunny’s, Catfish and soo on I’ve caught some of these and next year looking to get more on my caught list. Love the videos Thxs Tony

    Tony Aviles Sr on


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