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Introducing the Best Summer Baits


Introducing our brand new themed boxes!

Summer is almost here and so are the best baits to catch fish with...

It’s hot out there, and when water temperatures start to rise, bass can be found hiding anywhere from deep, cooler water to the shallow, shady areas.

But, with Lucky Tackle Box’s newly themed Best Summer Baits Box, you will definitely find something to help you CATCH MORE FISH in any situation.

The Best Summer Baits box is LTB’s newest addition to help you catch your next personal best so ORDER NOW.

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  • Tyler, watched your video and found it very intriguing. I have been using three, four, and five inch bluegill for a few years now. They don’t necessaryly have to be on the bass’s bed to get their eggs either. I stumbled on it by accident. I ran out of wild shiners and decided to jig for a few bluegills. Small is always the best because they may not have the shine a shiner has, but just the size makes it a great bait. I even will stick the bluegill a few times to draw a little blood to make the bait look really hurt. They love a easy prey……

    joe schrieber on


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