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Secrets to Catching More Trout

Colton from @twigntimber breaks down rigging, retrieval and location in this video that exposes some secret tips to catching more trout when you're out fly fishing.


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*transcript below

What's going on guys? Colton with Twig and Timber Outdoors, here with Lucky Tackle Box, and let's break down how to fish small streams using a fly rod.

First let's break down the rigging. Now the rod I'm using, I like to use fairly long rods. For small streams like this, a nine or ten foot rod is very beneficial. Now in our system here, we need to incorporate different weights. Why? We want those nymph's to track a specific way in the water. So at the every end, the last nymph in our system has to be the heaviest. So what we're gonna do, we're gonna tie a level leader to our lightest fly, our second lightest fly and then our third. You can attach it all in one piece or you can attach it with tip-it, to the bend of each hook.

Don't assume that because we're in a small stream, you're gonna wanna go light. I like a ten foot three weight or a nine foot four weight because there's some really big fish, sometimes in these really small streams.

Now fly fishing, the word retrieval might be a misnomer but for video's sake, let's break down how we use tight line nymphing techniques while fly fishing. In small streams your reel really doesn't matter too much, unless you hook into a big fish. We're gonna be using light tip it as our leader and our rod, I like to have a fairly fast, tip flex rod that's very sensitive. So I can feel every tick and take from a fish.

Now that we have our rig set up, we need to make sure that we utilize it properly. To tight line nymph, essentially we're gonna flip up our flies, our nymphs into the water. We're gonna lead the nymphs just slightly, trying to make sure that they naturally flow, with our either line or an indicator of some kind on the line. This is very good for detecting subtle strikes. If you don't occasionally feel the bottom tick, then you might want to add some light split shot. Now you don't need to add a ton of weight because typically we're using weighted nymphs, bead headed nymphs. But just enough to where you know you're getting the food in front of the fish's mouth

Now in small streams, we have some very specific places we can find good trout. First one being in pools. Pools are essentially the gathering places where there's deeper pockets of water. And in that water is a feeding buffet of nymphs or other subaquatic insects or forage items for bigger fish. This is especially true when the waters low or in the winter.

To my right is a riffle. A riffle is basically a shallow piece of the water that you can see, you can notice there are ruffles or riffles at the top. Now the head or the tail of this is actually a good spot to find trout because the food is kind of funneled into certain locations and they know where those are.

The water's high enough, runs like this are a great place to find fish. Not down the middle, but just to the sides. The water's gonna run down the middle at a quick pace and fish will stick just to the side of the runs collecting food as it's dispersed into the pool.

Another great place to find fish in small streams is just of front, to the side of or behind structure. Structure acts as a defense as well as a source to stir up the water and create more oxygen. In addition, sitting behind the structure actually funnels the food to the fish. It makes sense and smarter or bigger fish usually live there.

One of my favorite places to find trout are under cut banks on bends of the stream. In those behind me, the streams moving faster towards the outside and therefore it's gonna cut underneath the bank. You'll find a lot of big fish there. I'm gonna try this one.

Small streams produce big fish. Check out that brown. Hopefully you guys liked the video. If you did, give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel. Check out a few of the videos in the playlist, either how to videos and remember guys, catch you guys on the flip side. Tight lines, and we're out.

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