Lucky Tackle Box’s Scot Arganbright presents our latest video for summer to fall transition fishing. This is one of our favorite seasons for fishing!

The middle of September moves us into the fall transition as the water cools. The leaves are beginning to turn and the fish are moving to shallow and mid-depth waters (most of them) looking to feed and gain winter weight.

The LTB team has handpicked the perfect baits for fall transition fishing so that you can hook your next bucket mouth (and when you do be sure to snap a pic and share it with us!)

Here’s what LTB anglers will find in their September Bass XL Box:

? Floating Crankbait
? Deep Diving Crankbait
? Suspending Jerkbait
? Swim Jig
? 10bs Mono Fishing Line
? 2 different Swimbaits

Check out our latest video to hear recommendations for your fall transition baits and tips for getting the most out of your September Lucky Tackle Box.


The September box includes two styles for jerkbait, northern for Perch, and Shad style for southern fishing.

Tip: You can work this bait fast or slow.

In your box you’ll also find jerkbait for deeper water, mid-depth and deeper depending on line run: 12 ft using 8 lb line and heavier line at  8-10 ft. This will cover fish that moved up from their summer areas looking to feed and will crush your shad bait.

Paddle Tail SwimBaits:

Paddle Tail Swimbaits are a great bait if there is too much grass to work the jerkbait through.

Tip: Throw it out there and just slowly roll it back in.

This is a classic and versatile bait. In the early fall, fish are looking to feed and this is the perfect little baitfish imitator. You’ll catch a lot of fish with this one.


Rod and Reel Specs:

For swimbait and jerkbait use a medium action rod with a slow gear ratio casting reel 6.6 to 7.3, because you don’t have to pick up a lot of lines really fast.

Cadence Tips:

Pay attention to cadence or the rhythm of how you work your rod and reel.

If you’re not getting bit, typically with the jerkbait you have to wait longer. Maybe the water is really cool. When you’re throwing this bait, snap it a few times and let it sit, sometimes up to 10 to 15 seconds. The fish may be waiting and honing in on it. Because the fish may be a little lethargic in the cooler water, give it a long pause and then snap it a few times. Pause again and work that same cadence all the way back to the boat.

Watch the video to see Scot demonstrate these cadence tips.

Fall fishing can be super fun with our fishing monthly box containing all the right gear.