Hey there, anglers – thanks for checking out this video about one of our favorite baits right now: the Dobyns D-Blade Beast spinnerbait! If you subscribe to our Bass XL or Bass Tournament boxes, you received this bait in your January box!

Why do we love this bait? Glad you asked! According to Travis, “It’s an extremely versatile bait you can use to fish around vegetation, bounce off of structures, cover plenty of water, and most importantly – locate more fish!”

In this video, Travis will get you acquainted with the D-Blade Beast and make sure you’re taking advantage of all of its features to initiate the most strikes.

Here are the top three takeaways from this video that you should know before you take this spinnerbait with you out on the water:

  • 1. This bait looks irresistible in the water.
    • a. According to Travis, “There’s really an unlimited amount of ways to retrieve this bait, depending on what you’re trying to fish. This bait is supposed to mimic bait fish and that’s a favorite of bass no matter where you are in the country.” In other words, this bait can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. You can put on different trailers depending on the quality of the body of water and what types of fish you’re looking to attract.
  • 2. An extremely versatile bait like this is a must-have in your tackle box.
    • a. The creator of this bait, Gary Dobyns, said this bait will hold up against any other spinnerbait on the market, and we believe it! With its stainless-steel blades, hand-laid skirt, bait keeper, and oversized Mustad hook, this bait is designed to attract more bites and keep those fish hooked. Travis uses it on a 12- to 17-pound mono or fluorocarbon line and maybe a 30-pound braid if he wants the extra sensitivity in murky waters.
  • 3. As you grow as a fisherman, you need tools you have confidence in.
    • a. Mastering a multipurpose bait like the Dobyns D-Blade Beast will help you build the skills and knowledge you need to fish all kinds of species in many different water and weather conditions. That’s why Travis says this is a great bait to use all year long – the different ways to rig and retrieve this bait are virtually unlimited, so all you need to do is hit the water and try out different techniques until you find what works best for you!

Thanks for the advice, Travis!

Our goal at Lucky Tackle Box is not just to provide you with a box of brand new tackle every month, but to equip you with the skills needed to use this stuff in order to maximize your luck on the water and to give you the full fishing experience. Stay tuned for our upcoming featured products – we’ve got some awesome stuff in the works for these next few months!


Lucky Tackle Box – Dobyns D-Blade Beast Video Transcription

Having an extremely versatile bait that you can fish around vegetation, bounce off of wood, to cover water and locate fish is an extremely important tool to have in your tackle box. That’s why spinnerbaits are a must-have pretty much all year long. Today I’m going to be searching key areas using the Dobyns D-Blade Beast, which was featured in the latest Lucky Tackle Box. Gary Dobyns put a lot into this bait and is confident it will hold up against any other spinner bait on the market. Some of its main features are its stainless steel blades, hand-laid skirt, bait keeper, and oversized Mustad hook, which will make this bait look great in the water, get more bites and keep those fish hooked.

My freshman year of college, I wrote an essay about how spinnerbaits were the most versatile lure to catch bass. Now, nearly 20 years later, my opinion is pretty much the same, other than I spent way too much time worrying and thinking about bass fishing back in college. I still believe that a spinnerbait is a must-have and can catch bass year-round in so many different situations. So, let’s go over the basics on how and where to use this bait, starting with rigging.

So I’ll start off spooling anywhere from 12- to 17-pound mono or fluorocarbon and then sometimes 30-pound braid if I need a little extra sensitivity and the water’s kind of dingy so it’s not really going to be an issue. And then I put that on a medium speed gear ratio and anywhere from a seven-foot to seven-foot-six medium, medium-heavy fast action rod. This will give me enough backbone to be able to get good hook sets and be able to pull those fish out of any cover and also get some nice long casts out of this bait as well. And as far as a trailer, I’ll put on different trailers depending on what kind of bait fish I’m trying to mimic at that particular body of water.

And then I’ll also use a trailer hook, especially if I’m fishing open water. You know, if you have that trailer hook, you have a better chance of actually getting snagged up. But if you’re going down bank so there’s not a lot of vegetation or wood or anything like that, I’ll throw on that trailer and get some higher percentage hook sets.

There’s really an unlimited amount of ways to retrieve this bait, depending on what you’re trying to fish. This bait is supposed to mimic bait fish and that’s a favorite of bass no matter where you are in the country. This is a bait that you can really just start working down a bank and fishing anything and everything you see. You can make long casts as you move through open water and slow down the retrieve to get the bait running deeper or speed it up to get it running higher and trigger quicker strikes.

As you get around structure or cover, you can change to pitching into tight areas or short side arm casts across high percentage areas. Once you get the bait in the right spot, you can adjust the retrieve deficient thoroughly. As long as the blades are spinning or fluttering, it will draw strikes. As you pull it through grass, deflect it off structure or just give it little twitches, the blades will flash, the skirt will flare, and you’re going to get bit.

As you start to understand different retrieves possible with this bait, you can use it to really break down your local body of water and figure out where those fish are, which we’re going to talk about right now in location. This is a great tool for catching bass as well as locating them. As I’m fishing different areas through a lake, I’m always taking note to where I’m getting bit and also the areas that I’m not getting bitten. So I’ll start out fishing everything that looks good, whether it’s points, structure, cover or anything else.

Now if I start getting bit somewhere like let’s say what happened today, up shallow on wood, then I’ll start focusing on that type of structure and stop fishing the points and vegetation and other things that the lake has. Now, if the bite slows down for me doing that specific technique, I’ll actually then switch over to some Finesse baits, but I’ll stay focused on that shallow wood because I know that that’s where those fish were. Once that bite totally goes away, then I’ll back up and start seeing where those fish have moved to from there.

As you grow as a fisherman, you need tools that you have confidence in, especially when you’re exploring new water and the Dobyns D-Blade Beast Spinnerbait is the perfect tool to help you not only locate, but catch more bass. I’m Travis Moran with Lucky Tackle Box. If you enjoyed this video, throw that thumbs up. Hit the subscribe button if you’re not already subscribed to our great YouTube channel and I’ll catch you out on the water.

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