Hey there, anglers! Pre-spawn season is upon us, which is one of the most productive fishing times of the year! To set you up for success, we recently sent out a “speed worm” bait in the Lucky Tackle Boxes, which is a versatile bait you can use right through the spawn! In Travis Moran’s latest video, he breaks down WHY the speed worm is useful in so many situations and shows us exactly HOW you can use it over the next couple of months!

So, where can you fish the speed worm? Nearly anywhere! It applies in most situations: fishing from the shore, a kayak, or in a bass boat, and it really works well in and around vegetation in shallow waters, where a lot of bass are hanging out right now feeding in the pre-spawn season.

Here’s what you need to assemble this bait – everything you need came in your “Back To The Basics” box:

  • Producto Lure’s Buzz Tail Worm
  • 3/16 to quarter-ounce bullet weight
  • 3/0 worm hook

We recommend rigging this up on a 10 to 12 mono or fluorocarbon line using a spinning rod or a bait casting rod.  After that, it’s all about the cast and the retrieve!

Here are the top things to keep in mind when using the speed worm technique:

  • Use a sloooooow retrieve

Cast this bait out and reel it back in very slowly – this makes the bait look as real as possible, giving it lifelike motions like a little bait fish who is swimming around, looking for his dinner. The bass simply can’t resist it! This bait set up is also known as the Florida swim bait, so if you hear them used interchangeably, don’t get confused! It gets that nickname because all you do is throw it out and slowly swim it back in.

  • Try throwing it near vegetation

When you throw this bait near vegetation, you can slow the retrieve or even stop it altogether and hop it along the bottom, triggering strikes from fish that are feeding in the shallow vegetation already. Lily pads are a great thing to cast near, but make sure the vegetation underneath isn’t too dense or else it can get tangled. This bait also floats, which means the tail will stick up and look like something nosing around for a meal, unaware it’s about to become a meal itself!

  • This is the perfect bait for pre-spawn season

This time of year, fish are coming out of the deeper waters in which they spent the winter, and now they’re hungry – they’re looking to feed and spawn in the shallow waters. This bait is an easy target for these hungry fish: it doesn’t get easily tangled, so it can be cast near lily pads or other structures where these fish are hiding, waiting to strike.

Our goal at Lucky Tackle Box is not just to provide you with a box of brand-new tackle every month, but to equip you with the skills needed to use this stuff in order to maximize your luck on the water. The goal is to equip you with supplies month-to-month that allow you to build on each box, using the tackle and accessories included to create all different kinds of setups and rigs!

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Tight lines and good luck out there, anglers!


Lucky Tackle Box – Speed Worm Video Transcription

Usually when you’re finesse fishing, you give up being able to cover water because of how slow you got to work these little guys. But not when you’re speed worming. Guys, today we’re breaking down the Florida swim bait, as they like to call it.

And we’re going to be using Producto Lure’s Buzz Tail Worm. This is a great little technique, not only to cover a lot of water, but to be able to slow down also, and fish those high-percentage areas to target those pre-spawn bass that are up shallow in the vegetation gorging themselves. So let’s break down this fantastic little technique starting with rigging.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy. Here fishy. Here fishy, fishy, fishy. Here fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy. Hey there little fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy. Here there little fishy. Come here there little yonder.

Oh yeah, there we go. There we go. Yes. Oh, yeah. In the sparse stuff here baby. And this fish is hot. That’s what we’re looking for.

The simplicity of this bait is really what makes it so effective. All you need is the 3/16ths, the quarter ounce bullet weight and a three-oh worm hook. Rig this bait up, Texas rig, and you’re all set to go.

Now a side note, in last month’s back to the basics theme box, you received the bullet weights and the worm hooks that you need for this set up. And you’re going to start seeing that these different theme boxes fit together month to month. So I hope you like this new approach that we’re taking to the boxes.

Now I rigged this set up on 10 to 12-pound mono or fluorocarbon, and then I really use a spinning rod or a bait casting rod. And it’s really up to your specific preferences. And now that you’ve got this thing rigged up, it’s all about going out and throwing it.

All right. As we talked about earlier, they call this the Florida swim bait because you can really just cast it out and swim it back to the boat with a slow retrieve. This bait is going to look realistic, like a little bait fish under the water that the bass cannot resist. But because it’s weedless you can throw it in all kinds of different situations around the vegetation, through tulles, over logs. And when you find these areas, you can slow the retrieve down and you can even stop the bait all together and just hop it along the bottom where you think you need to slow down to trigger some strikes.

This bait floats, so as you let that bait go to the bottom, that tail is going to stick up and entice those bass. So, now that we know the different retrieves that we can throw and the endless amount of variation that we can put in there, let’s talk about the different locations that we’re going to be looking to throw this thing.

I don’t know if you can see this, but there’s just some nice broken up lily pads out here. There we go.

And that was textbook right there. I just basically called that shot because it was just, it just looked too perfect.

Guys, this is an excellent technique to use pre-spawn all the way through the spawn. As these fish are coming out of deeper water, moving into the shallower areas to feed and eventually spawn, you can target them with this worm. But the other thing that’s happening this time of the year is you’re having all kinds of new growth from the vegetation, weeds and things. So, a lot of lures are going to get snagged up in this stuff. And that’s where the speed worm excels. You can cast this right into all that new vegetation, that these bass are going right into to feel protected and eventually build their nests in, and you can swim this bait through there. You can slow it down and you can target these different areas to find those fish.

Guys, little speed worm coming right through the top … through this little sparse stuff. We’ve got the heavy stuff here on the outside. I want to target that shallow, little, sparse lily pads and this fish hammered it on the move.

Today I’m fishing lily pads. That’s a great place for these bass to come up and feel comfortable up shallow and eventually spawn at. Now what I’m looking for with any type of vegetation is I’m not throwing into the heaviest parts of it. I’m actually looking in the edges for any kind of holes or any kind of little points that that vegetation makes. Or sparse tullies or lily pads and I will throw along those or through the little sparse ones. And that’s usually where the bass are going to be waiting to ambush little bait fish swimming through. And that’s what I’m trying to mimic with this little worm swimming on by them.

Guys, I don’t care if you’re fishing from the shore, a kayak or in a bass boat, this is a fantastic technique for all those conditions. So I want to hear about the success you guys have with this bait in the comments below. Make sure you keep me informed so I can share in on your success.

Guys, I’m Travis Moran and I promise you no one works harder to make you fish better. I will catch you out on the water.

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