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Do Bass really eat Bluegill?

To answer that question: Yes, they do! But what makes bass want to eat bluegill? In this video, I show you how bass react to LIVE Bluegill underwater in their habitat. I provide some great commentary, and I hope you guys learn something! Amazing underwater footage of Bass attacking Bluegill.

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  • The Pump went out on our Above ground pool.I put 2 Bass,and Several Bream in it .The Bream were all fairly Large and the Bass was around 10-11" .I would go to a Pond and get Small bream from the Overflow and put in the Pool .Te Bass immediately are the Small bream.The Bass would “Hit” the Bream and slightly injure it.The Bass would keep moving it until it could be Swallowed head first.

    Brad Risinger on
  • The Bass is not “eating” the bluegill, it is scaring it off the bed. The question of whether they eat bluegill hasn’t been answered by this video.

    Bob on
  • R u allowed to fish with live bluegill?

    Ollie Holt on
  • I fished a tournament years ago where the winner came in with a 7 pound largemouth with a perch sticking out of its throat. Perch may not be as spiny as bluegill, but I have definitely stabbed myself with their fins before. Not a comfortable feeling.

    David on
  • Awesome footage. But the males guard the nest. And yes fish eat other fish headfirst. The bass in the video we’re not striking to kill but striking to remove .
    GReg on


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