Fall Bass Fishing Tips Made Easy

Written by Andrew Schadegg (Follow on Instagram @andrewschadeggfishing)

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Fall bass fishing lure, a shallow jerkbait, is connected to a fishing rod and reel that is laid on the ground.

In this article about fall bass fishing we will answer these questions:

1. Where are the best places to fish for fall bass?
ANSWER: Coves, Bays, Creek Arms, Around Bait

2. What are the best tips for fall bass fishing?
ANSWER: Find the Bait. Fish Fast. Be Versatile.

3. What are the best baits for fall bass fishing?
ANSWER: Lipless Crankbaits. Topwater. Jerkbaits. Swimbaits


You can feel that chill in the air. Fall fishing is coming soon and we want you to be prepared with the best tips for catching bass now that the weather is cooling down. Fall bass fishing is all about fishing the moment and being versatile. Bass are in transition from the long, warm summer patterns and are ready to feed up for the winter.

Let’s discuss the best locations to fish for fall bass, the best baits for fall bass and some of the best tips for putting fall bass in the boat.

A fisherman is reeling in a largemouth bass on the bank of a lake in the fall season.

Where are the best places to fish for fall bass?

When the weather changes and the water starts to cool down, bass will leave their deeper water summer homes. They start moving up shallow, looking for food to bulk up for those long winter months where they become inactive for longer stretches of time. Since bass are on the search for food, they are going to be fairly predictable.

Chasing down baitfish is the number one priority of bass in the fall. Bait like shad, minnows and other small forage will group up in tight schools this time of year and migrate towards the backs of coves, bays and creek arms. Bass will follow them into these areas to feed.

The biggest problem for anglers, is that the schools of baitfish are always moving. Which means you might find tons of bass in a certain cove one day and gone the next. Finding the baitfish is key to finding the bass, so fishing in the fall is all about moving constantly.

A fisherman holds up a largemouth bass with a topwater buzzbait hanging out of its mouth.

What are the best tips for fall bass fishing?

If finding the schools of bait is the most important tip, then fishing fast would be a close second. In the fall, you don’t want to sit on a spot very long. Keep your trolling motor moving or keep walking that bank, because the bass will be constantly on the go. You want to have fast moving baits rigged up that you can fish in lots of different types of cover and around different types of structure.

Be versatile. Fall can be frustrating because bass can be on the surface, on the bottom or suspended. They can be near weeds, on docks, rocky shorelines or anywhere in between. You want to keep moving, but you might have to vary your techniques in order to find them.

A Lucky Tackle Box subscription is laying on the ground with a St Croix rod and a reel is laying on top attached to a LIVETARGET swimbait that looks like a shad.

What are the best baits for fall bass fishing?

Now that you know that bait are moving up shallow and the bass are chasing them, that you need to fish fast and be versatile, what specific lures should you be throwing?

The short answer is all of them! This is a junk fishing time of year. Focus on reaction baits, primarily. Things like lipless crankbaits, squarebills, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, topwater walking baits, buzzbaits and swimbaits are going to be your primary search lures. You want to be on the move, but you also want to switch up your lures often to find what the bass are keying in on. If you’re fishing around shad and bass are busting the surface, try fishing a shad imitation swimbait or a surface bait that you can work around the outside of the schools.

Have a couple of soft plastic fall baits handy, when you need something to follow up after a strike or to throw around weed edges once you know you’re in areas that bass are feeding. Senkos or soft plastic jerkbaits are perfect for this application.



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