Written by Andrew Schadegg

Nothing says summer fishing like slinging a hollow-body frog across some scummy, matted grass. Learning how to frog fish is so much fun. It’s one of the most popular warm-water techniques and for good reason. It works. It’s one of the few techniques that can get lethargic fish to attack, even during the hottest parts of the day.

Many anglers, especially those who are new to the game, get frustrated throwing a frog. It’s easy to lose a lot of fish or fail to get hooked up at all…if you don’t have the right setup.

What is the Right Rod for Frog Fishing?
Looking at the rod wall at your local tackle shop, Bass Pro or Cabela’s can be incredibly daunting, especially considering there is a rod for every technique on the planet. If you can buy 25 rods you’re really in luck, however, not everybody can do that. With that being said, frog fishing is one technique that you really actually NEED a certain type of rod in order to be able to fish it properly.

A heavy rod with a fast or extra fast tip is essential. This allows you to get the right kind of action on the frog, but also have the power to pull the fish out of the thickest cover. You can find a lot of frog rods that can also double as really good flipping and pitching setups, so you can use it for multiple techniques if you’re on a tight budget.

What is the Right Reel for Frog Fishing?
Alright, this one might not be as important as the rod, but it’s still really helpful to have the right kind of reel. We’re talking about gear ratio. Over the last couple years, high speed reels have been developed and it makes a big difference in getting fish from Point A to Point B.

When fishing in heavy, thick cover, your hookset is the first hurdle. Once you have them hooked up, having that higher 7.1:1 or even 8.1:1 gear ratio will allow you to get that fish back to the boat faster and not allow it to get buried in the junk. You certainly can still have success with a lower ratio, but you will definitely land more if you have a faster reel.

What is the Right Line for Frog Fishing?
Probably the most important part of your frog fishing setup is your line. There are no exceptions to this one. You must have very heavy, braided line to fish this technique properly and expect much success. In order to get a good hookset and be able to horse that fish through the weeds and back to the boat, 65 pound test braid is the minimum you should be using.

Heavy braid also floats, so it allows you to give the proper action to your frog and keep it on the surface. In addition, braid doesn’t stretch which is really important to driving those hooks through the hard, thick part of the fish’s jaw.

Frog fishing can be frustrating if you don’t have the right setup, but if you make sure to have the right rod, reel, and line it can be one of the most exciting ways to catch fish.



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