Written by Andrew Schadegg

The August Lucky Tackle Box is all about catching your BIGGEST BASS EVER! Every angler is constantly striving for their next personal best (or PB) and we want to help make that happen. Whether it’s a 5 pounder or a 12 pounder, the only number that matters is yours.

So to make sure you get ultimate bragging rights for landing that monster the next time you hit the lake, here’s 4 techniques based on the products in the LTB Bass XL Box, that are known for catching giants.

1. Swimbaits
It is impossible to write about targeting big bass, without talking about swimbaits. More giants have been caught on swimbaits, than probably any other technique.

What makes them so effective for big fish? It’s realism. Swimbaits are designed to look like what the bass are eating anyway. Shad imitating swimbaits catch giant bass, because that is what the big ones eat on shad filled reservoirs. The Threadfin Shad and all of the LIVETARGET Swimbait Series are designed to be the size, shape, color and texture of every type of forage they imitate.

2. Squarebill Crankbaits
In the spring of 2017, a major FLW tournament was won on the California Delta with a squarebill crankbait (paired with Trapper Tackle’s new treble hooks). This is an example of one of the biggest bass factories in the country, with some of the best fisherman on the west coast, throwing every traditional big fish bait on the market, and the biggest bags came on a squarebill.

With a bait like the Xcite Baits XB-1 in your box, you can cover a ton of water, which allows you to put it in front of more fish. As it bounces and bangs off of rocks or other structure, it doesn’t give those big fish much time to react, so it draws vicious strikes and can put them in the boat in a hurry.

3. Lizards
Certain plastic bait profiles are proven to catch bigger bass. One of those is the lizard, like the Bass Attacker in the August Bass Box. The visceral reaction that bass have to something like a lizard entering their house, can be unbelievable. It is not just for spring bed fishing either, it works fantastic year round.

It is a menacing profile and a meaty treat, which resembles a number of aquatic amphibians like newts, salamanders and other 4 legged creatures. Flip it in heavy cover, around structure or drag it deep on a Carolina rig. It can be a great alternative to your traditional creature baits, worms or jigs and seems to attract that bigger bite on a regular basis.

4. Frogs
Locating those lunkers in your lake can be difficult. Once summer rolls around, there is one way to find those giants on a regular basis and that is a frog style bait. Whether you’re using a traditional hollow-body or the narrower frog bait, like the Lunkerhunt Froglet, if you find the matted grass or shallow submerged vegetation, you’ve found a recipe for your next personal best.

Mix up your retrieve. Slow it down. Speed it up. Pause it. Eventually, you will find the right way to fish it. Look for shade pockets and heavier blankets on the surface. This is where the big ones live and a frog is an excellent way to find them.

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