We’re all after the big ones. That individual record. That personal best. It’s an endless goal that never goes away for any angler.

Here are some stories from our own LTB team about their PB’s and how they caught them:

1. Nick Smith 
YouTube – InformativeFisherman
PB Largemouth Bass – 12.40 lbs

“One of my all-time favorite methods for catching giant California Delta bass, I refer to as ‘swinging my elephant gun.’ It consists of a Strike King pure red .38 special with no trailer and pin-ballin’ it through tulle flats. March of 2012, I hooked into my biggest largemouth. It was my 7th double digit bass out of the 9 that I have currently have. I’ve since hooked and lost two much bigger. My teener is coming!!”

2. Alex Rudd
YouTube – Alex Rudd Fishing
PB Smallmouth Bass – 5.08 lbs

“My personal best smallmouth was a 5 pound pig that I caught while fishing with fellow LTB angler, Ben Nowak, in Northern Michigan. We were targeting large rock rows that had deep water access. This allowed these big pre spawn smallies to move up, feed, and then go back down and rest in the deep water. I was ripping a 110 size suspending jerk bait.”

3. Andrew Schadegg
Editor – Fishhound Magazine
PB Spotted Bass – 8.20 lbs

“A 5 pound spotted bass is considered a trophy in much of the country, so having caught one over 8 pounds was an amazing experience. It was Thanksgiving weekend 2013 and unseasonably warm temperatures made the fishing really tough. I fired out a DUO Realis Spinbait 80, not far from a laydown tree near a main lake point and counted it down to the right depth. Three slow cranks and I hooked her. After my buddy got her in the net, my hands shook for about 10 minutes!”

4. Willie Schwanke
Instagram – @DonkeyBassCo
PB Largemouth Bass – 5.56 lbs

“I caught my personal best using baits from the June ‘Best Summer Baits’ box! Rigged up a 3/0 Kitana hook, Beast Coast peg and weight combo, and a Riot Baits Mini Fuzzy Beaver. I was flipping grass mats along the bank and it hit after the first pop of my rod tip. Thanks Lucky Tackle Box!”

5. Travis Moran
Host – Lucky Tackle Box/FLW Live
PB Largemouth Bass – 11.50

“About 4 years ago, I was going down the bank fishing senkos and spinnerbaits. Weather changed a bit, so I picked up a Spook topwater bait and got bit the first cast. Caught a ton of fish, but the highlight was this giant! I had bragging rights in my family for about a month, when my brother beat me with a 12.50.”

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