Spring has arrived and that means getting out on the lake for lots of great bass fishing. To help you land your PB this spring, LTB pro-angler Scot Arganbright is sharing his 3 must-haves for the 2021 spring fishing season.

#1: Jerkbait Tied Onto The Proper Setup

During the spring season anywhere north of Florida, you’ll want to have plenty of jerkbaits. Jerkbaits are the perfect baits for pre-spawn bass looking to gorge before the spawn.

? Bonus, jerkbaits are versatile enough to slow down and trigger those finicky fish.

#2: A Good Squarebill

Another must-have for those fish coming out of winter patterns is a good squarebill. It’s a great bait to power fish and find active bass lurking the shallow cover.

? Bonus, grass is still sparse, so you can easily bounce a squarebill around very effectively.

#3: An Organized Arsenal

Serviced reels, new lines, and proper rod actions will allow you to have the best results during one of the best times of the year for fishing.