Written by Andrew Schadegg

Yet another brand new product has been premiered in Lucky Tackle Box for the month of June! The Mini Fuzzy Beaver from Riot Baits just released to the market and is a fantastic compact flipping option that will definitely get you more bites.

There’s a few different ways to throw the Mini Fuzzy Beaver. Let’s break them down!

1. Traditional Texas Rig – This is the most basic way to catch fish on the Fuzzy Beaver. Since it’s a smaller, more finesse option, get a light wire offset EWG hook in a 2/0 size. Pair that with a 1/4 ounce bullet weight. You could go a little heavier if the cover dictates or lighter if the fish are inactive and you need that slower fall. This can be a deadly technique for throwing around rocks for smallmouth or spotted bass, but also light flipping around structure and cover like brush and docks. This option is best with 12-15 pound test or even lighter with a spinning rod setup.

2. Light Punching Rig – If you want to beef up this setup and use it as a smaller punching option, you can do it! This may not be the best bait for the thickest of the thickest cover, but for the outside edges of the heavy stuff, it’s perfect. Up your weight to 1/2 ounce to 3/4 ounce and pump up the line to 15-17 pound test. Get a straight shank hook, something like the 2/0 Mustad Grip Pin Max would be a great option. Also, don’t forget to peg your weight to make sure the bait and weight fall through the cover together and more smoothly. If you’d like, you can include a punch skirt to add bulk, but trim it down to fit the smaller bait.

3. Wacky Nail Rig – This is a bit of an underground technique when it comes to small beavers and creature baits, but we’re going to let the cat out of the bag. You rig this in similar fashion to a wacky rigged stick bait, like a Senko. First, put a small nail weight in the head of the bait. Probably 1/16th or lighter would be best for the slow fall presentation you want to have. Tungsten is best, as it is more compact and will go in the head easier. Second, slide an o-ring up the bait until it gets almost to the middle and then lastly, insert a circle hook under the o-ring band. This rig gives a really unique presentation that can be tossed around any cover.

When the bigger baits and bulkier profiles aren’t working, try downsizing to the Riot Baits Mini Fuzzy Beaver for a more bite-sized option. Play around with these three rigs and we guarantee you will find one that works for your local body of water.

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