Our resident fly fishing expert, Colton Orbaker, takes us through what separates fly fishing from spin fishing. An awesome video crash course that will broaden your knowledge of these different presentations. A must watch video!

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What’s going on, guys? Colton here with Twig N’ Timber Outdoors Lucky Tackle Box, and here’s your first Fly Fishing 101 Crash Course.

Fly fishing is an incredible adventure. It is likened very frequently as the bow hunting to the hunting world. This is the bow hunting of the fishing world. It takes a little more prep, maybe a little more finagling with location, and presentation to the fish, but when you hook up into a fish, it is the thrill of a lifetime, and I’m very glad that you are joining us today to get a better experience and to fully understand the differences between fly fishing and spin fishing.

Now, fly fishing is very different in the fact that the lure itself is not casted, okay? In fact, the line is the only weighted thing typically in a system unless you’re specializing. Now, what I mean by that is each one of these fly lines has a weight associated with it. That’s why they’re called three weight, four weight, six weight, seven weight, you have it. What this does is the line weight is associated with how much weight can be casted. Now, each rod is associated with a certain specific weight. This happens to be a nine weight, which means that it can hold about 330 grains on average for this line. So, this line, the first 30 foot of this line, is 330 grains, and that will cast bigger flies, bulkier flies, than say a three weight or a four weight. So, that’s what we do differently between spin and fly fishing. We cast the line, not the lure.

There you go, guys. Hopefully, this was informative. If it was, give it a thumbs up. This is just the first installation of our Fly Fishing 101 Crash Course, and we’re going to be going over basic techniques, basic stream leading as well as a couple of other things moving forward. Make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, check out some of the videos in the playlist, and until next time, guys, catch you guys on the flip side. Tight lines, and we’re out.

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