• IN THE BOX - Big Mouth Baits "Iggy Pop"

    Big Mouth Baits Iggy Pop is a walking style topwater bait that can be fished above or below the surface.

    Product Description
    Nobody ever made an impact by following all of the rules. We believe you need baits that are bold, badass and different. Finely tuned, quality products that are tested by the best anglers in the world. It’s time for a revolution against the establishment. It’s time for Big Mouth Baits. Introducing the Iggy Pop, a topwater unlike any other that will put bigger and better fish in the boat.

    Pro Tips
    The Big Mouth Baits Iggy Pop is a special topwater bait that can be fished multiple ways. The mouth of the bait has two line eyes. The lower line eye enables the lure to produce the walk-the-dog action and with its concaved mouth, it can also serve as an oversized popper for varying your retrieve. Tie to the upper line eye and your topwater now becomes a shallow jerkbait, allowing the lure to flash and bulge just below the surface.

    Drew’s Notes
    “This is a really fun bait with a lot of options. The key to making the Iggy Pop work for you is varying your cadence. Walk-the-dog, stop it, pop it, work it subsurface to really maximize all the options you have with a versatile style topwater like this one is.”

    Recommended Gear
    Rod: 7’0– 7’4 (Medium/Med-Heavy Rod Fast Tip)
    Reel: 6.3:1 Baitcaster
    Line: 15-20 lb Mono/50-65 lb Braid

    Water Depth

    Rip Rap
    Open Water

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