Written by Andrew Schadegg

Unlike a lot of game fish that prefer open water (like trout or striper) bass love to gravitate towards structure. They’re lazy, opportunistic feeders. They want to position themselves in the most convenient place to attack prey, without expending a lot of energy. This makes the bass angler’s job a lot easier. We know we need to target areas that bass can hide out, which is why we spend so much time around weeds, tules, docks and other structure. Bass live there.

In order to get the bait into those tight areas that bass hang out, learning how to flip or pitch your bait is essential. Beyond your casting technique, something that’s often overlooked, is making sure you’re using the right bait.

With a thin body, bulky profile, and lots of action, the Biwaa Warax is a perfect option for flipping cover and getting those bigger bites. Here’s a couple of reasons why it’s so effective:

A Thinner Body for Better Hooksets – A lot of “craw-style” baits on the market look really great, but the thickness of the body is not built for a solid hookset. The Warax craw is nice and thin, so the hook point has less plastic to get through, in order to penetrate the fish’s mouth.

A Bulky Profile for Bigger Bites – Particularly when you start to get into the post-spawn and summertime periods, the food that bass eat are getting bigger. The whole ecosystem, whether it’s shad, other bass or crawfish are all beefing up in the fertile warmer months. The bigger bass will be looking for a bigger meal. The Warax is available in three different sizes (3’, 4’, 5’), but even in the smaller 3-inch version it creates a solid profile in the water.

A Lot of Action for More Attraction – One of the downsides to fishing heavy cover or grassy, shaded areas, is that bass have less visual freedom. They rely a lot more on their lateral line and will “sense” a bait falling through the water. The Warax craw feature j-shaped claws that are thin and kick on the fall, similar to a twin-tail grub. This, along with the large ribs and appendages, make enough commotion to get the attention of any bass in the area.

When searching for a good flipping bait, look no further than the Warax from Biwaa. Pair it with a solid, straight shanked flipping hook, a bobber stopper and a flipping weight to fit the cover you’re fishing (anywhere from ½ – 1 ½ ounces) and you’ll be set up to catch the big ones all year long.

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