Written by Andrew Schadegg

Breaking down three ways to rig the new Biwaa TailGunR swimbait.

Since 2008, French-based Biwaa Fishing Performance has worked to create cutting-edge, innovative products that have been catching fish throughout Europe, Asia and over the past few years, the United States. With popular baits like the Divinator, S’Trout and Deus, the new-to-the-market TailGunR is set to move soft swimbaits forward with unique features that work for multiple applications.

Here are three effective ways you can fish the TailGunR at your local lake, pond or river:

Rigged with a Swimbait Hook

This is the easiest and most basic way to rig a soft swimbait, like the TailGunR. Most hook brands have designs specifically for this application, like Mustad’s Power Lock Plus Series of hooks. This set up allows for a natural presentation, with the swimbait moving through the water like a small baitfish. It’s also weedless, which lets you toss this rig into the nastiest, heaviest cover, coming through without getting hung up. You can also slow roll the swimbait hook rigged TailGunR along the bottom, even in rocky areas, which is highly effective at triggering strikes.

Top Hooked with a Swimbait Head

Another variety of swimbait hooks are a specially designed lead head, similar to a darter head, that can be fished with the hook exposed out of the top of the swimbait body. This is particularly effective on bodies of water without heavy cover. The top hooked swimbait is perfect for slow-rolling on the bottom, because the belly of the bait can literally sit on the bottom naturally and go over structure easily. Don’t be afraid to let it pause while retrieving. Many times the biggest strikes will occur when you’re pausing your swimbait.

Trailer for a Vibrating or Swim Jig

Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to use the Biwaa TailGunR is as a trailer for a vibrating or swim jig. The tail provides a ton of vibration and action, with a ton of bulk to make the jig look bigger. Even 4 and 5 inch versions of this bait are not too big, when paired with a bulky jig with a large hook. Try using this with a vibrating jig in dirtier water or when the wind is blowing, and with a swim jig in calm conditions or clearer water.

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