Written by Andrew Schadegg

Every so often a new bait comes along that you instantly know is going to be a huge success. Not just because it looks amazing, with a paintjob akin to a 1950’s hot rod, but because it has all the components of a bait that will be really good at what it was designed to do. Catch fish.

Enter, Stage Right: The GrassBurner from Evolution Baits.

Burning up the West Coast
A couple years ago on the California Delta, there was a “buzz” about a new, custom-made topwater that was catching fish all over the river. An inline buzzbait that had a unique profile that many Delta Rats tried to keep secret as long as they could. It didn’t manage to stay too far under the radar, as pictures and fish catches started popping up on Facebook and Instagram en masse.

Eventually, the demand outweighed the supply and the GrassBurner creator Brad Kowalski, couldn’t keep up with the unending orders. He partnered with Evolution Baits and they are now available to the broader market via direct sales and Tackle Warehouse. Lucky Tackle Box subscribers are some of the first to get this incredible bait in their hands and they’re going to flip when they get it on the water.

Best Parts of Multiple Lures
For the average angler, a bait that retails for $24.99 is not something that is in the budget. However, as Evolution Baits and Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Mark Daniels Jr. explains, the GrassBurner is no ordinary topwater bait.

“It combines the best parts of three different lures. A traditional buzzbait with the front blade that gurgles across the water, a crankbait-style, baitfish-like body that has a detailed paint job, and a classic skirt like a swim jig or spinnerbait.”

In addition, it improves on a traditional buzzbait by allowing for more hookups. Instead of a single hook, that can be susceptible to many missed blowups (that anyone who has fished a buzzbait has experienced), the GrassBurner has two treble hooks. One on the top of the body and one trailing behind within the skirt.

“The hookup ratio is incredible with this bait,” says Daniels. “Fish that come up and roll on a buzzbait, rarely get in the boat. With the GrassBurner, you’ll hook fish in the side, in the head, on the tail, similar to a crankbait or jerkbait. Way more fish in the boat!”

Better Castability and Versatility
With a streamlined and balanced design, the GrassBurner casts really well. You can put this bait into tight pockets, under docks and in areas that are harder to reach with a regular buzzbait. Easily fished over submerged grassbeds, along weedlines, around hard cover and in open water, it will bounce off of dock pilings or deflect off of hard cover, triggering violent strikes. It’s incredibly effective during the shad spawn, for schooling fish, or during the summer low light conditions.

In regards to summer fishing, Daniels’ advises to not put it down right away after the sun comes up.

“Follow the shade pockets. Throw the GrassBurner into those areas that are not getting the direct sunlight and you can keep that summer topwater bite going well into the morning. It’s a really fun bait and it’s extremely effective.”

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