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  • IN THE BOX - Lunkerhunt Prop Fish

    Product Description
    What makes the Lunkerhunt Prop Fish unique is its single prop system. During the retrieve, the Prop Fish has a surface churning action that closely mimics bait fish breaking the surface, as well as cutting through and around cover. The Prop Fish excels when fish are pressured, spooked, and super shallow. It has a weedless hook system and streamlined body shape that enables it to effectively torpedo through and skip under cover, which enables it to get into the hard to reach places where no other prop baits have been before. When fish strike, high quality, super sharp, weedless hooks are there to greet them.

    Pro Tips
    Many times of the year, bass live in the thickest cover and if you want to have a chance of catching them, you better be fishing in there too. That means you need a lure that can handle the gnarly matted grass, thick lilly pads, the heart of that brush pile or tree. A topwater bait like the Prop Fish is perfect for fishing this type of cover.

    Try tossing the bait past your target, even up on the bank if you’re fishing a stretch of shoreline. This will keep you from spooking any fish in the area and will allow you to keep the element of surprise. Bass are hiding in those hard to reach places, looking up and waiting for an easy meal to go by.

    Drew’s Notes
    The most important thing when fishing heavy cover is making sure you’re using the right gear. With a bait like the Prop Fish, you need a stout rod, much like you’d use for frog fishing. Something in the 7’1- 7’4 range, medium-heavy to heavy with a fast-action tip. This will give you the backbone you need to get that fish hooked. Always make sure you’re throwing these kind of baits on heavy braid, like 50-pound Seaguar Smackdown.

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