Written by Andrew Schadegg

Over the last few years, soft plastic swimbaits have become incredibly popular and with that popularity, comes new and innovative ways to use them to catch fish.

One of the stand outs in this category, the Strike King Rage Swimmer (from your September LTB Bass Box), can be rigged so many different ways, its versatility is almost limitless.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of ways to rig this bait:

Swimbait Head
Duh, right? This is pretty self-explanatory, but this is an incredibly effective rig for fishing open water and on a clean bottom. The exposed hook makes it tough to fish in the sloppy stuff or around too much structure, but this is an excellent way to fish rocks or sandy bottom.

Weedless Swimbait Hooks
Whether you use a screw-lock variety or a standard offset hook designed for swimbaits, this is a perfect setup for keeping your Rage Swimmer weedless. With both weighted and unweighted versions available, you can control the depth you fish and the fall rate. Lots of option with this one!

Bait Trailer
The thumping tail of the Rage Swimmer can be used to add a ton of action to your swim jig, vibrating bladed jig or even a spinnerbait. Many times, this can be the difference between getting bites and having your bait ignored. Also the extra bulk, gives a bigger profile, which can lead to bigger bites.

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of flash. Rigging your Rage Swimmer on an underspin is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Keep your swimbait on the bottom, under schools of bait and bumping off of rocks and you can load your boat in a hurry.

One of the unique things about the Strike King Rage Swimmer is the ability to rig it with the tail down or up, with a slit on either side of the bait. Mix it up, see what works best for your particular situation. You’ll soon see just how versatile this awesome swimbait is.

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