One of the most difficult decisions an angler makes during a day on the water is where to fish. Do you run down the lake to the shallow weeds? Head to the rocks by the dam? Flip around docks or structure? Some of the most popular bodies of water in the United States have thousands of miles of shoreline, so the decision isn’t an easy one even for the most experienced angler

What if you could be confident that wherever you decided to fish, you could always increase your odds of bringing the fish to you?

What is BaitCloud?
BaitCloud is a product designed to enhance the area you want to fish by stimulating a combination of the fish’s senses including sound (effervescence), visual (bio-glitter and bubbles) and scent (fish oil, amino acids and proprietary attractants). It works by throwing the BaitCloud ball out into an area that is either a good location that you want to get more action or re-energize a location where the bite has shut off. The BaitCloud will be effective for up to an hour and sometimes longer, drawing fish in and helping you narrow down where you need to cast.

BaitCloud is sold with multiple different formulas to appeal to different species. They have everything from Bass formulas to Trout, Catfish, Walleye and everything in between.

When to Use BaitCloud?
The BaitCloud balls are great to use anytime, but especially if you are limited to fishing a smaller area. Maybe you fish off the shore or a dock. The BaitCloud is an excellent way to draw fish to your area. Toss it off the end of the dock and you’ll have fish attracting ability that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Also fantastic for kayak anglers or float tubes where it’s more difficult to cover a ton of water.

Even for the angler that is fishing out of a boat, the BaitCloud is tool that can be used at any time to help congregate a group of fish, especially in a big area that is difficult to break down.

We’re all looking for an edge when we get out on the water. If you’re like most anglers, you only get a chance to head to the lake a few times a month. The BaitCloud is going to make your time on the water that much more efficient and fun! That’s what it’s all about.

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