Written by Andrew Schadegg

It probably goes without saying that swimbaits are a great way to catch that bigger, more quality sized bass. From glide baits to smaller soft plastic paddle tails, swimbaits are versatile and just flat out catch fish.

This time of year, when the water starts to cool down and the bait moves into the shallows, a jointed swimbait can be your best bet to pull that larger bite from a school of clones. The Biwaa Seven (in your October Bass Box) is a perfect choice for fishing these conditions and its versatility allows you to fish it multiple ways.

CREEP It to Catch the Lazy Ones
If numbers is what you’re looking for, then fall is the season for you. Tons of smaller schooling bass will target the big balls of baitfish on the surface and can be pretty easy to catch. However, if you’re more interested in finding that better quality bite, cast past those baitfish balls and let your Biwaa Seven sink to the bottom.

Kick it into gear with a little pop of the rod tip and then barely turn your reel handle, bringing it back right through the bait, but along the bottom. This is where a majority of the bigger fish hang out. They like to let the smaller fish do the work, while they reap the benefits and expend a lot less energy.

BURN It to Find the Aggressive Ones
Anglers who have been around a while, know that the only thing that is constant is that things always change. One day you can be catching fish like crazy on one type of retrieve and the next day…nothing. That is why it’s super important to always be adjusting your cadence and speed.

When the bass move up in the water column, sometimes burning the bait just below the surface can yield awesome results. Particularly around grass lines, next to docks and along other vegetation or structure, big fish can be waiting in the wings for something to race by. This is pure instinct. They’re hungry and that swimbait looks vulnerable, like it’s swimming away from another predator. Bass are very territorial and do not like other fish moving in on their meals.

POP It to Find the Undecided Ones
Fish that follow the bait, but don’t eat are always an issue with jointed baits, glide baits or any swimbaits. They love to track that lure all the way to the boat, which is absolutely maddening for any angler when he sees that 8 pounder turn away at the last second.

When you start to see this happen, give your bait some more action on the cast. Try different speed retrieves and “popping” your rod tip to make that bait dart around, almost like you would a soft jerkbait. If that isn’t the ticket, try reeling a few times and then slowly sweeping your rod so that the bait speeds toward you. Also try dead sticking the bait, so that it slowly sinks in the strike zone.

Mix up your retrieves while you’re fishing a jointed swimbait and you will get dialed in to what the fish want in no time.

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