One of the coolest new companies to launch into the fishing world in the past couple years is Doomsday Tackle Co. They were featured in this month’s Lucky Tackle Box, so if you’re a subscriber, you’ll have a chance to play with some of their killer, innovative plastics.

Here is a little more information:

Doomsday Tackle Co. was started in 2015. Finding the fishing market unique and different, Will Stewart was brought in from the Japanese and Korean Domestic Markets, to turn a product into a brand. Doomsday Tackle Co. rebranded and launched their DTCo line of soft plastic baits in March of 2016. Due to the success of the DTCo line of soft plastics Doomsday has grown into one of the fastest growing tackle companies in the industry.

Doomsday Tackle Co. is known for 3 things… Design, Quality and Functionality.

Design: All of Doomsday Tackle Co’s products are uniquely and innovatively designed to the most rigid standards. 90 degree angles and sharp edges add to the look and fishablity of each bait.

Quality: All of Doomsday Tackle Co baits are made of premium plastisol developed in the USA. Each bag is hand packed in a protective tray to protect the baits from getting deformed in the package. We strive to design our molds and regulate the pressure to reduce flash, excess plastic around the parting line, to ensure the bait looks and fishes they way it was designed.

Functionality: All of our baits are designed to catch fish first and catch anglers first. What this means is that they just don’t look great but will catch fish in multiple situations. All of our baits are designed to be versatile and able to be used in multiple presentations.

Doomsday Tackle Co… designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Fish To The End.

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