Product Description
Featuring a unique design with a hook extending from the back of the bait as opposed to the belly, the Backstabber Squarebill Crankbait repels snags better than conventional lures. Specially tuned and weighted to accommodate the top hook and swim true, this configuration hooks fish in the top lip – greatly increasing your odds of landing those larger fish. If that’s not enough, the hooks in the Backstabber also rotate 360-degrees so fish can’t leverage against the bait and bust free. Unlike any other crankbait on the market, the Backstabber is truly unique and effective.

Pro Tips
One of the draw backs of fishing a traditional crankbait, is the ability to throw it into heavier cover. You can bounce them off of rocks, but what about things like bushes and laydowns? The Backstabber can go where other squarebills can’t, so work that bait up and over tree limbs, tighter to docks and any other structure you might not throw your shallow crankbait normally. Remember that the more contact you make the more chance you have of triggering a strike, so make sure you’re bumping into stuff.

Drew’s Notes
“One of the biggest mistakes that novice anglers make with their crankbaits is fishing with the wrong line size. You want to rig up with 10-12 pound test (something like Seaguar InvizX fluorocarbon) to get that bait down to the bottom quickly. If your line is too heavy, it’s never going to reach the diving depth that you need to get that lip banging off the rocks, stumps or other structure and you will get far less strikes.”

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