Product Description
An LTB Exclusive, the Bagley Balsa Minnow Twin Spin offers a new twist on the classic profile to produce maximum surface disturbance. Made from an incredibly buoyant balsa wood, the Bagley Twin Spin Prop Bait features prop blades on the front and back, which turn-and-churn across the surface to trigger earth-shaking blow-ups. The Twin Spin is incredibly easy to cast and allows anglers to cover tons of water quickly. A must-have for topwater technicians, the Bagley Twin Spin is sure to increase both your heart rate and your fish counts.

Pro Tips
The topwater prop bait has long been a secret weapon of some of the best anglers. Knowing when and where to use it is really important. Since it doesn’t create a tremendous amount of surface disturbance, the Balsa Twin Spin is an excellent bait to throw in early morning and evening calm conditions, particularly near schooling baitfish. When the water is really clear, it also gives a really good alternative to more popular baits like a popper.

Drew’s Notes
“Make sure to have the right sized line for a bait like this. I would recommend 10-12 pound monofilament or 30 lb braid. After you cast the bait out, give it small rips with your rod tip facing down at the water, so that it chugs along the surface.”

Recommended Gear
Kast King – 7’0 Speed Demon Pro (Medium Spinning Rod)
Kast King – 5.2:1 Spinning
Seaguar – 10-12 Lb Seaguar Monofilament

Water Depth

Rip Rap

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