Product Description
Made of balsa wood using the HCM process, this slim body profile and a short lip allows this bait to run down just below the surface. Precisely balanced in construction it is an ideal bait for erratic action that is perfect to trigger those vicious strikes. Casts like a bullet, allowing you to reach more fish and cover more water. With a uniquely shaped bill, the Bagley Shallow Balsa Minnow is sure to give the fish something they’ve never seen before.

Pro Tips
Early in the season during the prespawn, bass stage up on main points and secondary points that lead into spawning areas. This is prime feeding time, as they build up strength for the spawn. A shallow diving bait like the Bagley Shallow Balsa Minnow, is ideal to throw on the move while you’re searching for these bass as they are on the move. Once you find them, it can be game on! If you catch a few fish in an area, you can return there multiple times throughout the spring and catch fish moving into these areas.

Drew’s Notes
“The key to a bait like the Bagley Shallow Balsa Minnow is erratic action and intermittent pauses. This gives the appearance of a dying baitfish and will attract those hungry bass looking for an easy meal. After your cast, point your rod tip at the bait and give it small pops downward toward the water in varying cadences. Once you find a good rhythm it will typically work for a while, but if they stop biting, mix it up again.”

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