Product Description
A brand new, unique fish attractant that is specifically targeted to bass. The primary scents included are natural fish oils, which are made up of things that bass actually eat. Also included in this fish-catching mixture are natural fish pheromones that genetically stimulate and trigger predatory instincts. To top it all off, is the smell of anise which is a powerful way to cover any undesirable scents that may repel fish away from your bait.

Pro Tips
If you’ve ever seen a bass eat a bait, you know it can suck it in and spit it out in the blink of an eye. Bass can detect 1/200th drop of a substance in 100 gallons of water, so there is no doubt they have a keen sense of smell. When fish are dropping a bait quickly, scent can “trick” them into holding onto the bait for longer. Many times, much longer, even up to 30 seconds in some cases. Using scent is a great way to tap into one of the bass senses that gets neglected many times when fishing.

Drew’s Notes
“One of the hardest things about scent for most anglers is remembering to use it. We might apply some when we first start out in the morning, but later in the day we forget about it. It’s important to remember to reapply it every 20-30 minutes. I use a little ziplock baggie. Squeeze some scent in, seal it up, keep it in my pocket and dip my plastics in regularly.”

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