Product Description
Baitmate Ultra Live baits create stronger hits and longer holds, increasing your chances of success. Scented bait without the hassle of live bait – stays flexible and doesn’t dry out when left out of the bag. Scented with Baitmate to create a scent trail with every cast. Natural look and feel with ultra-biodegradable certification.

Pro Tips
This reaper-style bait is a fantastic alternative to traditional Texas-rig or drop shot style plastics. At 3 ½ inches, it’s a meaty morsel for a hungry bass. When using a plastic like the Baitmate Leech, taking advantage of the flat surface design is imperative. It flutters as it falls, so try using a lighter weight than you normally would. Think in terms of a traditional fall bait, like a Senko or stick bait. This action is really enticing. Even with your drop shot, size down your weight to take advantage of the fall.

Drew’s Notes
“With a bait like this, try thinking outside the box. A spinning rod with light line, like 6 pound test or lighter, can throw this bait weightless. In those really tough conditions or super clear water, this bait will flutter slowly and bass will come up to grab it because of the slow, tantalizing shimmy on the fall.”

Recommended Gear
Kast King – 7’0 Speed Demon Pro (Medium-Light Spinning Rod)
Kast King – 5.2:1 Spinning
Seaguar – 4-10 Lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Water Depth

Rip Rap
Open Water

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