Product Description
The Cabin Creek Bait Company Express Bug offers a bulky profile that is sure to produce big bites. Featuring a fully ringed body that traps air and creates an enticing bubble trail as it moves through the water, it also comes equipped with large appendages made from thin plastic, which delivers an ultra life-like crawfish action. Perfect for a variety of applications, the Express Bug serves as an excellent jig trailer and is also a great option for Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, and even shaky heads.

Pro Tips
The Cabin Creek Express Bug is a perfect bulky jig trailer that gives the appearance of a big meal. It’s really difficult for a bass to resist on the back of a jig being dragged along the bottom or flipped around cover. Try pairing similar colors. Brown jig with a brown or green pumpkin trailer. If you aren’t getting bit, try using contrasting colors. Some anglers swear by a brown jig with a black or blue/black trailer.

Drew’s Notes
“This beaver style bait is excellent for punch rigging. Make sure to have a rod big enough to handle this beefy setup. On 50-65 pound test braided line, run a bobber stop and a 3/4- 2 ounce weight, depending on how think the cover is. Rig up on a stout, heavy duty straight shank flipping hook. This basic punching rig, is one of the most popular ways to get fish that can’t be caught on any other technique.”

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