Product Description

Designed by the 2015 Bassmaster Classic winner himself, Casey Ashley, the Blakemore Casey’s Classic Runner Head is the bait Casey used to claim the 2015 Bassmaster Classic title on Lake Hartwell, which turned out to be one of the coldest and most grueling Classics in the 45-year history of the tournament. While most of the field struggled to catch a solid limit, Ashley used a homemade version of the Blakemore Casey’s Classic Runner Head paired with a Zoom Super Fluke Jr to catch healthy bags each day and take home the victory on his home lake.

The Blakemore Casey’s Classic Runner Heads features a pony head design with a willow bade attached by a premium swivel directly below the head. Thanks to the premium swivel, the blade keeps turning no matter how slow you retrieve it. And the slow retrieve was the key for Ashley in getting his bites. The Classic Runner Heads also feature premium powder coated finishes, as well as, prism eyes and premium super sharp hooks.

Pro Tips

By far, one of the most effective cold water techniques (as well as throughout the year) is the underspin. Over the last few years, it has become a standard bait used by anglers all over the country to catch the most finicky fish. One of the best features of the underspin is versatility. The Classic Runner is perfect for your smaller 3-inch to 4-inch swimbaits, but there are other brands that have bigger versions up to an ounce or more that can handle 4-6 inch swimbait.

It’s a fantastic option for deep water points, humps, ledges, walls or anywhere those winter fish are hanging out. Try some different sizes and see what works best for the size of bait in your body of water.

Drew’s Notes

“Making sure that you’ve paired the right line size and rod type is really important for this technique. For the smaller sized underspins (3/8 ounce and under), you’re definitely going to want to throw a medium to medium-light spinning rod with 8 pound or lighter Seaguar Tatsu or InvisX fluorocarbon. I recommend a longer rod, something in the 7’1 to 7’6 range. Getting to the bottom is really important. Once your line goes slack, slowly reel it back to you, keeping contact with the bottom. If you aren’t sure if you’re still bumping the bottom, open your bail and let the bait fall again. When you get a bite, just turn and reel into the fish with steady pressure.”

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