Product Description
Designed by West Coast tournament fishing legend, Gary Dobyns, the Dobyns D-Blade Advantage Series Spinnerbaits will put the odds in your favor. The Advantage Series Spinnerbaits feature a custom head design, which keeps them perfectly balanced and running straight at any retrieve speed, as well as, prevents the skirts from balling up on one side after a fish strikes or coming through cover. They are also equipped with a custom long shank Mustad Hook and a specially designed bait keeper to ensure a high hook up ratio and hold your soft plastic trailers firmly in place without the use of glue.

Pro Tips
Spinnerbaits are highly effective year round and make for a fantastic search bait. You can cover water quickly, working the bait in all kinds of cover. Look for lanes that bass would use as ambush points. Things like the corner of a weed line, the edges of a dock or the points/pockets of reeds are perfect places for bass to hideout waiting for a quick meal to rush by. Cast past those areas and bring your spinnerbait as close to those high percentage areas as possible.

Drew’s Notes
“You can catch a lot of spinnerbait fish with just a straight, steady retrieve. However, you can catch a lot MORE fish if you give the bait some action. Pop your rod tip intermittently to make it look like a struggling baitfish or a small group of baitfish that have strayed from the rest of the school. Rip it through grass or bump it into stumps. Burn it fast on the surface and then kill it and let it float down. Anything to mix up the retrieve and make it more erratic.”

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