Product Description
Finesse reaction baits continue to grow in popularity as an alternative way to land fish. Especially in high pressured fisheries or on those tough days on the water. Sometimes when you step into the ring you need a bait that’s short and punchy. Knockout Baits “The Jab” features a small baitfish profile, dynamic translucent body and lip built for taking punches. Enticing enough to elicit a reaction strike and strong enough to plant a quick one right into the fish’s mouth.

Pro Tips
The unique part of the Knockout Baits “The Jab” crankbait is the smaller body profile and the bigger, exaggerated lip. The smaller body profile is perfect for targeting bass in clearer bodies of water or where the bass are more skittish. This bait allows you to present something that is more subtle. In addition, the unique way the lip is designed gives you the ability to really dig into the bottom and cause reaction strikes from the deflection of the bait.

Drew’s Notes
“One of the big trends in baits has been to go bigger. Magnum style crankbaits have their place, but you’d be surprised how effective downsizing to a smaller size like The Jab can be. Make sure to throw this on lighter line than you would normal sized crankbaits.”

Recommended Gear
Kast King – 7’3 Speed Demon Pro (Crankbait Spinning Rod)
Kast King – 5.2:1 Spinning Reel
Seaguar – 8 Lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Water Depth

Rip Rap
Open Water