Product Description
In Viking lore, a Berserkr was a warrior that would enter battle in a crazed frenzy. In the same way, the Ragnar Berserkr is a swimbait that is ready to run into battle even in the toughest conditions. Built with three distinct segments and a lifelike tail section, the Berserkr has all the action you need to attract the most lethargic bass. A perfect shad imitation, the Berserkr is a swimbait that can be thrown in open water, around structure or on the outside of busting schools of baitfish. When you need a bait to change your luck on the battlefield, tie on the Berserkr.

Pro Tips
The Berserkr is a perfect imitation of a 3-5 inch shad, so using this bait to target bass that are feeding on schools of shad is a no-brainer. A super slow, steady retrieve is an excellent way to draw fish in and entice them to strike. If that doesn’t seem to be the key, try giving it small jerks and pops with your rod tip, making the bait dart side to side. This can even be done throughout your whole cast, much like working a jerkbait. Make sure to pay attention to you bait underwater as it approaches, because many times bass will follow the Berserkr back to the boat or shoreline.

Drew’s Notes
“Look for schools of shad busting the surface or on your graph below the surface and work the Berserkr erratically through them. This gives the appearance of a dying shad that is fluttering back and forth trying to get oxygen. Work the bait around the outside of the school as well, where bass are attracted to the shad that stray from the protection of the others.”

Recommended Gear
Daiwa – 7’0 – 7’4 (Med/Med-Heavy Casting)
Kast King – 6.3:1 Baitcaster
Seaguar – 12-15 Lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Water Depth

Rip Rap
Open Water