Product Description
Tested and perfected by top pros, the Reaction Strike Buzzbait delivers serious topwater commotion that is tournament-ready right-out-of-the-box. Featuring a traditional-sized blade that churns a generous amount of water, while also leaving an enticing bubble trail behind, its keel-shaped head allows the Reaction Strike Buzzbait to get up on plane quickly to maximize time in the strike zone. Outfitted with a top quality hook for lighting fast hook sets, the Reaction Strike Buzzbait delivers tournament-grade performance that is suited for serious anglers.

Pro Tips
Throwing buzzbaits is one of the most exciting techniques on the planet. Most of the time, a slow, steady retrieve is ideal. Just enough to keep that bait gurgling on the top of the water. If you’re not getting bit, try speeding it up. Sometimes a faster retrieve causes a more spontaneous reaction, not giving them time to see the bait, just react. When you get a blow up, make sure you always follow up with another cast to the same spot. Make sure you’re using a good braided line so you can horse those fish out of heavy cover.

Drew’s Notes
“I recommend fishing a buzzbait with a trailer hook. Many times you get short strikes where bass will swipe at the bait, but not actually take it all the way down. With a trailer hook, you have the opportunity to catch many of those short strikers. In fact, you’ll be amazed how many bass are hooked with just the trailer hook. It will definitely up your catch rate.”

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