Product Description
The Senshi Yawara displays Japanese-style innovation and precision elements of design. With the highest quality components, stylistic color accents and impeccable topwater action, the Senshi Yawara is unlike any other. Crystal clear water? Pressured fish? Slick calm days? When conditions are at their worst, the Senshi Yawara is at its best. Presenting a tight, compact frame that gurgles, walks and chugs across the surface with the perfect amount of action, no fish will be safe from the Senshi Yawara.

Pro Tips
Topwater baits don’t always have to be big and loud. The Senshi Yawara is a finesse topwater that is designed to draw bites from bass that would spook easily when presented with a bigger, louder bait. Don’t be afraid to work the Senshi Yawara on slick calm days when the bass seem to be less willing to hit a topwater bait. The Senshi is also an excellent choice for smallmouth, so if you’re targeting bronzebacks, make sure to have this bait in your arsenal.

Drew’s Notes
“Using the right rod and the line size is key to working the Senshi Yawara correctly. You can use either a spinning rod or a baitcaster, but it needs to be medium to medium light with a fast or extra fast tip. This is really important to get that proper “walk-the-dog” action you need. Proper line is essential, too. Either light braid, 20 or 30 pound or 8-12 pound monofilament.”

Recommended Gear
Daiwa – 6’6 – 7’0 (Med/Med-Light Casting or Spinning)
Kast King – 6.3:1 Baitcaster or 5.7:1 Spinning
Seaguar – 8-12 Lb Seaguar Rippin Mono or 20-30 Lb Smackdown Braid

Water Depth

Rip Rap
Open Water

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