Product Description
Whether you wacky rig, Texas rig or Carolina rig, the Smart Bomb will put more fish over the side of your boat. Smart Bomb baits have a feature that finesse anglers love. The lure sinks slowly allowing the color-changing baits to reflect an injured prey to the fish watching them. This 5’ stick bait is one of the most effective presentations in bass fishing, particularly when fished weightless or with a very light bullet weight. The unique Smart Baits color change technology will add even more attraction to this already delicious looking offering.

Pro Tips
The Smart Bomb may look like a simple bait, but it is actually incredibly versatile. Depending on your situation, you can fish this bait weightless and weed less, letting it fall into holes in vegetation without fear of getting hung up. You can fish it Neko Rig style, with a nail weight in the head, an o-ring and a straight shank hook. Many anglers fish this technique all the way down to 50 feet in some California reservoirs. Make sure you try rigging this bait multiple ways, for better results.

Drew’s Notes
“The key to fishing a bait like the Smart Bomb effectively is to go slow. Let the bait fall naturally on a slack line and be patient, especially if you’re fishing it weightless. The less you move the bait, the better chance you have of getting bit. Many times, you’ll just see your line start to move off. Reel up the slack and set the hook. When the bite is tough, this technique is hard to beat.”

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