Product Description
Stellar Jig Company is proud to help you drop bombs into the deepest, thickest, gnarliest cover! Anglers know that’s where the biggest bass live and with this beefy 3/4 ounce Orbiter jig, you can get in and get them out. The stout, heavy-duty, 4/0 Mustad Hook was made to withstand the force of the hardest hooksets. In addition, each jig has a barb keeper to make sure your trailers don’t slip down and a fiber weed guard so you can toss this jig, even in the heaviest cover.

Pro Tips
One of the most common mistakes that new anglers make with jigs like the Stellar Orbiter is trying to fish in heavy cover and not using the proper equipment. A heavy rod, anywhere from 7’4 to even 8’0 is a major asset when fishing this technique for two reasons. First, it allows you to have more control over your cast and get the jig into narrow or smaller areas. Second, it gives you the backbone and power to pull fish out of the thicker cover after you get them hooked.

Drew’s Notes
“Don’t spend too much time on each cast while you’re flipping. Find those ‘high percentage areas’ that look the most promising. Pitch or flip your jig into that area, let it fall to the bottom and hop it up and down a few times. Move on and repeat.”

Recommended Gear
Kast King – 7’5 Speed Demon Pro (Flipping Casting Rod)
Kast King – 9.3:1 Speed Demon Pro (Casting)
Seaguar – 65 Lb Seaguar Braid

Water Depth


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