Product Description
Manufactured using Strike King’s innovative Open Pour Technology (OPT), the Strike King Drop Shot Half Shell delivers a finesse specific design that excels with lighter tactics. Offering a level of suppleness that is usually associated with small batch hand-pours, the Strike King Drop Shot Half Shell utilizes a unique pouring process that results in clearly defined, multi-layer laminates and no blurred edges. Infused with the perfect amount of coffee scent and salt, the Strike King Drop Shot Half Shell is sure to become a mainstay of your finesse arsenal.

Pro Tips
The drop shot is one of the best techniques for catching bass, even in the toughest conditions. The length between your hook and your drop shot is always a matter of debate. A good starting point is about 6-8 inches. Adjust it throughout the day to see what works best. You can go as short as 3 inches and as long as 2 ½ feet. If you have a graph, knowing if the fish are right on the bottom might call for a shorter setup, while fish suspended a couple feet, might require a longer one.

Drew’s Notes
“The Strike King Half Shell is a killer drop shot bait in general, but it is also an outstanding bed fishing bait when bass are up spawning. Years ago, before this bait was released, savvy anglers would cut beaver style baits in half to get a similar action. When bed fishing, try rigging it a little heavier with 10-12 pound test Seaguar InvizX and a good, stout circle hook with a casting setup.”

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